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Bed-bound Patients in Erie, PA Can Still Enjoy Life

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Bed-bound Patients Can Still Enjoy Life

Whether your elderly loved one is bedbound permanently -- or temporarily while recovering from injury or illness -- BrightStar Care of Erie can help. The loss of independence and mobility often brings about depression and feelings of isolation as well as confusion and mood swings. BrightStar Care is committed to holistic care that addresses the mind, the body and the spirit to help your loved one stay as happy and healthy as possible.

Whether you need personal care assistance to help your loved one with the activities of daily living – or respite care to give you and other family members a break -- BrightStar Care of Erie will work with you to develop a care plan that addresses your loved one's physical and emotional needs.

Personal Care

Physical problems associated with immobility may become a concern. BrightStar Care of Erie retains compassionate home health providers to assist with the numerous tasks that help prevent common conditions in the bedbound.

  • Skincare

Properly caring for the skin of the bedbound is essential for preventing painful and dangerous pressure ulcers, more commonly known as bedsores, and for keeping the skin hydrated to ward off dryness and itching. Frequent repositioning of your loved one is critical for protecting the skin against these conditions and for preventing aching muscles and "sleeping" limbs.

  • Nutrition and Hydration

Good nutrition is particularly important for bedbound patients. Plenty of protein for maintaining muscle mass and fiber in fruits and vegetables to promote regular bowel movements are essential. A personal care attendant can prepare healthy meals and assist your loved one with eating. Hydration is also extremely important for overall good health, optimum healing and for helping to keep the skin hydrated.

  • Range of Motion Exercises

Regularly performing range of motion exercises helps maintain healthy muscles and joints.

  • Hygiene

Good hygiene is essential for preventing infection and helping your loved one feel clean and fresh. A personal care attendant from BrightStar Care of Erie provides personal hygiene assistance such as oral care, bathing and brushing the hair.

  • Fight Boredom and Depression

Keeping your loved one in good spirits can help ward off boredom and feelings of isolation, which can slow the healing process. Our in home care attendants are passionate about keeping your loved one occupied with engaging activities that help stave off loneliness and boredom.

BrightStar Care of Erie staff members, from companion care attendants to skilled nurses, are emotionally available to your family and your loved one -- and the emotional bonds and relationships often last a lifetime.

For more information about the home care services of BrightStar Care of Erie, contact us today at (814) 455-7827.

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