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Home care in Fort Mill, SC

  • 2012 West Highway 160
  • Fort Mill, SC 29708

Rock Hill, SC Client Testimonials

Even more than who we are and what we say is what we do. The true measure of the services that we provide is that we met and exceeded the expectations of those in our care and their families. Nestled deep within each unique client story is all that our caregivers are making possible – more flexibility, more security, more hope. And while we could just tell you about the kind of work we do, there is nobody better able to speak to the kind of care that BrightStar provides than those we serve on a daily basis.

The best money I spent was the money to have BrightStar there for my Dad.  Knowing that someone was there 24/7 for him should he awaken at 2am and want some water, knowing that if he wanted to talk that someone was there, knowing that if he needed medicine someone was there to let the assisted living techs know, knowing that he was being taken care of when I could not be there was such a relief and reassurance to me.  October 2019

Dear David, I appreciate your call today and the opportunity to have benefited from the services of Bright Star this past year. You all provided excellent care for my father, and our family is grateful. Jeanette C was assigned as caregiver to my dad and became a good friend to him and wonderful resource for the family. Her rich background experiences and high skill level in healthcare made Jeanette our "go to" person when physical and cognitive changes occurred for Daddy. She was always punctual and dependable in every way. One very notable contribution Jeanette made was to ensure Daddy remained as active and engaged as his dementia would allow. She made a point to connect with daddy in the activity he still is able to enjoy most, which is gardening. She got him interested in getting a small space ready then drove him to the seed store for him to choose and purchase plants and seed. She assisted him in getting the garden planted and continued to help him tend the space. She encouraged him to be outside when he was content to indoors and take walks when he would not have done so on his own. He farmed all of his life, so the out of doors provides much enjoyment and stimulus for him. Any client would be fortunate to have someone of Jeanette's character and ability providing care for them or loved one. We are thankful for the months of care and companionship she devoted to my dad. Sincerely yours, Patricia H. Drennan, March 2013

Folks, Bright Star in Fort Mill is truly a star to be recognized in the home health care industry. I chose them to care for my husband who had terminal brain cancer. The Bright Star staff made innumerable visits prior to and after services to make sure the ultimate in care was being administered. They even let my husband have a voice in choosing the right
care giver for him, which empowered him and eased the burden on my making all the decisions. Thanks to Bright Star, my mind was completely at ease while I went back to work. Sincerely, L., March 2013 

....our caregiver was a sweetheart!! Loved her. Very calming and soothing voice, super helpful with the different therapies for mom.  Her voice was like therapy for me. Ha!   2019

The caregivers have done a great job thus far and the communicaiton has been very thorough.  2019

I just had to let you know that we had ...... at the house today, and she is absolutely awesome.  Not to take away from any of the others, as I have no complaints (...... was super amazing, and sang and talked about interesting things, but I know she is a Field tech, and I see why!). Everyone has been very nice and helpful. But, ...... was exceptional...she was kind, confident and knowledgeable, and was comfortable just taking charge of mom.  I'm sure it can be a little awkward having me around all day while I work, and gauging what I am looking for (it's awkward for me too, since I'm not used to needing help with anything).  ...... fit in seamlessly.   2019

Peggy was there for my Dad the most, and I am forever grateful to her for being there when Dad passed.  She was such a comfort to me.  Dad loved her gentle, caring soul, as did I.  Her offering to stay past her shift the day Dad died tells you that this is not just a job for her.  It is a calling.  2019