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Bosses Day 2016 - BrightStar Owner Appreciation

Our Employees Shared Their Wishes for Bosses Day 2016

Notes To Our Owners:

Happy Bosses day! I love my company!!
- Monica

Love working for BrightStar Care because of the wonderful people and the Great bosses. Thanks you Ed and Karen for all you do.
- Teresa

Thank you for being so wonderful!IMG_6810
- Jackie

A Big Thanks to Ed and Karen Fichtel, for the opportunity to work with their new company and be part of the team! The office is such a positive environment to work in feels like a community. Enjoy all that I’ve learned so far from you and the staff and appreciate all you do for the team! Thanks for being such a great Boss!
- Jennifer

Thanks Ed and Karen for being the best bosses in the world and all of the administrative staff ...
it means a lot to work for a company who truly cares for the employees and clients... thanks again enjoy your day!

- Tonia

Ed & Karen, thank you for all you do & taking care of your employees. You are greatly appreciated! Happy National Bosses Day

- Elizabeth

I would like to take this opportunity, on National Boss’s Day, to say thank you for not just IMG_6802being such a great supervisor but a mentor & a friend.
I enjoy being part of such an open and motivated team. Thank you for the opportunities that you have given me to grow both professionally and personally. Take time today to look at what you have accomplished from a dream you and Karen had and know that you are appreciated.

- Andrew

Happy National Boss Day!!! Thank you Ed and Karen for all you all do!!! I greatly appreciate it!!!
- Elaine

Ed, Karen and Julie- Thanks for the fantastic job you all do. Happy bosses day.

- Alie

Thank you for all you guys do!! Happy Bosses Day!

Thank you for all you do! I love working for Bright Star!
- Caitlin

Ed & Karen, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a difference in our clients lives. I appreciate all your hard work you have put into this company and for changing my portal password for me everytime I forget it! Also thank you for acknowledging my hard work...it's the positive feedback that makes me want to be a better caregiver! Both you and this company are the greatest! Happy national bosses day!
- Brittany
Hi Ed and Karen, thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of your BrightStar Family!
- Katie

Happy National Bosses Day!! Thank you, Ed and Karen for giving me to opportunity to be part of such a wonderful team. It is very easy for me to give 110% because this is the example you have set. I feel as though I have true value as an employee. The flexibility provided to me has allowed me to share in our clients lives and make a real difference for them. I am extremely proud to be part of the care team you have assembled. Time and again I have witnessed your compassionate, giving and sincere nature. I appreciate you as a boss but I have so much respect for you because you are a mentor and a leader.
- Julie

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