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Holiday Gift Making

It is the holiday season, and now is the time for giving. Our field staff has given so much to our clients and to us throughout the year. They are always going above and beyond their daily tasks. Whether it is being available for ever changing conditions, being ready to take on more hours, or just being so stellar that our clients cannot wait to call us and give them compliments. Our field staff really are the “higher standard” when it comes to care, in fact we believe that they are the best in-home health care providers in the Fredericksburg & Springfield areas! This year has been extremely tough in dealing with COVID-19, but our caregivers have nevertheless continued their excellent care that families have come to expect. To show how much each and everyone of our care providers means to us, especially during this holiday season, we are making gift bags for them. We would like to thank our staff for all that you do. Happy holidays everyone and stay safe!