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2020 Family Caregiver Recognition

BrightStar Care of Fremont Support for Family Caregivers Goes Beyond Respite

November 2020 marks National Family Caregivers Month!

Caring for someone with a serious or advanced illness requires love, dedication, and extraordinary commitment from family members. For this selfless and loving commitment to family, BrightStar Care honors family caregivers and recognizes the value they provide in helping medical patients.

The overlooked role the family caregivers play in supporting a patient's ability to remain at home is critical to seniors and the disabled. Carecentrix explains that "by offering physical and emotional support for a loved one with a serious or advanced illness, family caregivers are in a rare position to enhance relationships, gain a sense of satisfaction, experience personal growth, and connect with others in meaningful ways as part of the caregiving team. As rewarding as caregiving can be, the challenges can put individuals at risk for depression, fatigue, financial hardship, shifts in relationships, and changes in physical health."

BrightStar Care of Fremont Understand Caregiver Challenges.

Understanding what challenges family caregivers face and supporting family is a part of our core mission. These are some difficult circumstances we recognize caregivers deal with every day:

  • Family caregivers can be overwhelmed by making personal and medical decisions for a loved one. These challenges can lead to feelings of stress, isolation, and loneliness.
  • Struggle with the unknown, and lack of training or support to provide medical care requiring training to perform critical tasks.
  • Caregivers often have added time restraints.

For these reasons, caregiver respite and home care services can help. This is how we can help:

  • Our RN, Director of Nursing, will arrange a care assessment and develop a customized plan to support you and your family to give you a break.
  • We provide Caregivers 24/7 to provide respite or care to alive stress and give you a needed break. 
  • A plan to lessen caregiver stress is developed by our RN Led team that may include making referrals to community services, financial and legal services, support groups, and medical services.
  • Our Caregiver Resource toolkit contains a collection of tools designed to make the role of caregiving more manageable, including tips for promoting self-care - CLICK HERE TO VIEW

To learn more about BrightStar Care's family caregiver support please contact us here.

BrightStar Care of Fremont provides 24/7 to Hourly Private Duty Home Health Care and Pediatric Nursing.

We offer support around the clock, providing a full continuum of private duty home care and medical staffing services, including Alzheimer's care. We proudly serve Fremont, Newark and surrounding areas.

For more information on how BrightStar Care supports Bay Area families and businesses and to learn about our local team of caregivers, nannies, sitters, and skilled healthcare professionals – please Click Here.