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Our Gilbert / Mesa Care Team

Compassion, integrity, family, excellence, trustworthiness, accountability, and diversity

Thom and Cyndi Moore opened out Mesa/Chandler location in 2008 and provide full-services to the East Valley residents. They live with their family in Gilbert, AZ. Both Thom and Cyndi are active owners with our BrightStar Location. Thom currently holds our invaluable role as our Director of Sales and Marketing and Cyndi is our Director of Operations.

Director of Sales and Marketing

Our Director of Sales and Marketing role is an integral part of a compassionate, professional team that is instrumental in the quality of care provided to our clients. Networking and the development of strong links with other agencies, service clubs, community organizations, and volunteer groups, forming key partnerships with the corporate sector is the primary role. He is the first point of contact for many patients and partners of the community with our BrightStar Care Office. Generating referrals for home care by marketing and building relationships with hospital discharge planners, physicians, long term care, independent and assisted living facilities and other community resources. He is an educator, a spokesperson, and a salesperson all rolled into one. Thom has spent over 30 years in executive sales and marketing while traveling throughout the world with his past positions prior to owing our BrightStar Branch.

Director of Operations

The Director of Operations maintains the daily operations, ensuring appropriate quality services are provided. Working with and maintains good working relationships with community agencies, groups, and professional affiliations. With the majority of her time spent in the office reviewing, monitoring and processing Accounts Receivable, Payroll Processing and maintain personnel files. Providing direct supervision other supervisory staff overseeing adequate staffing, including hiring , training, development and completion of performance evaluations, and discipline and termination of Staff. As the Director of Operations is a vital role to the inner working of our company she is the main contact and source for communications though our corporate location for changes in policies, procedures, and any new changes that are implemented. Before owning our BrightStar location Cyndi was spent 20 years with Hospitality Management and a Realtor in the Washington area.

Care Coordinator

The Patient Care Coordinator provides a bridge between the medical and supportive services with our patients at BrightStar Care. The medical component is comprised of the various physicians, area hospitals and skilled nursing discharge planners and the medical interventions that are prescribed for our patients, facilitating referrals from hospitals, nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and physicians. This includes communication with discharge planners, case managers and facility staff, meetings with patients and families.She can help you with a wide range of non-medical issues that may be affecting your overall well-being. From the initial intake of the referral the continuity of care is essential to insure our patients receive the necessary care. By collaborating with the Director of Nursing and the clinical health-care team, she is able to coordinate appropriate services for patients and furnishing information to community providers about individual patient care needs. Prior to joining BrightStar Care Samantha spent over 10 year in the Health Care field including Hospital Staffing, and Family Practice Administration, and Home Health Private Duty.

Billing Coordinator

While bills are a major concern for customers, few customers ever get to meet our billing coordinator. She is responsible for making sure that customers are billed correctly, checking bills for accuracy, calculating totals, discussing billing questions and arrangements with clients, and occasionally, negotiating insurance reimbursement with providers. Our Billing Coordinators is responsible for figuring out the bill owed by the customers, making insurance payment adjustments, address changes, and the input of patient files into their records. Jessica plays an active role in the office with patient communication and scheduling of private duty clients as well. She is in intrical part of the patients weekly schedules. She recently graduated from Everest Collage for Medical Billing and Coding and has started her career with our BrighStar Care location.

Director of Nursing

The Director of Nursing assumes primary responsibility for clinical services provided by the Agency including direct coordinate and supervise of all clinical functions. The DON also maintains compliance with federal and state regulations as they apply to the provision of home visits to patients and assuring compliance with Agency Policy and Procedure. The DON monitors job performance and completion of evaluations including the hiring, orienting, and counseling of clinical staff. Mary’s past experience is all relevant to achieving quality care and leadership in all those responsibilities. Mary has had nearly 7 years experience as a field staff RN in home health, plus, over 10 years in nursing management in Home Health. Mary also has a Masters in HealthCare Administration, and a background in social work as well as nursing. “BrightStar gives me the opportunity to use my experience and offer excellent services to clients and families in skilled and private duty needs”. With Mary’s experience, she has much to contribute in patient care and community services, education, and leadership. Mary continues to inspire and to provide outstanding care is her passion for learning, sharing, and love of helping others. The DON role at BrightStar is the perfect opportunity to offer herself as a resource, contributing clinical, and teamwork skills to internal, and external customers, with compassion and expertise.

Questions about our care team?

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