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Top 6 Qualities of a BrightStar Caregiver

Taking care of an aging or ill loved one isn't easy. It takes a unique type of person to give their time and energy to someone in need, not to mention all the responsibilities that come with the job. That's why BrightStar Care is looking for people driven by a strong desire to help others.

We know that this job is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have in their lifetime. Not only are you helping someone to get through the day or week or month, but you will also gain experience. Here are six qualities of a caregiver that we highly value at BrightStar Care in Columbia, MD.

1. Compassion

A BrightStar caregiver needs compassion not only towards their patients but also towards their team members. Without compassion, a caregiver can become stressed and burnt out, making them less effective at what they would normally do to take care of their patients well. 

Compassion is the ability to feel what another person is feeling and understand their situation. It allows caregivers to provide the best possible care for their patients. Compassion drives caregivers to continue caring for patients even when they feel down or exhausted.

2. Empathy

Empathy seeing the world from someone else's perspective. An empathic BrightStar caregiver will better understand their patients and what they are going through. They will also be better equipped to handle difficult conversations and situations, as they will be more aware of how the other person is likely to feel.

For a caregiver to have compassion, they must first have empathy. There is nothing more frustrating than being cared for by someone who doesn't understand the pain threshold for anyone who has ever been sick or injured before. A great caregiver will be empathetic towards what the patient is going through.

3. Understanding

A BrightStar caregiver understands that each person is different. No two people will ever be the same, whether in abilities or simply personalities. They will understand this and adapt their caregiving strategies accordingly. Understanding a person's way of thinking and acting will make a caregiver more effective at their job.

4. Patience

Patience is all about accepting that nothing will happen immediately and that everyone will function in their own way. A BrightStar caregiver must be patient when caring for a patient with dementia, mental or physical disabilities, etc. They must be able to work alongside them at their speed.

Every BrightStar caregiver must have patience towards other people, especially when communicating with doctors and family members of the patients they are caring for. Not everybody will understand how much time it takes to properly care for an elderly or ill person. Having patience when explaining things can go a long way towards reducing stress and misunderstandings between involved parties.

Caring for someone who is sick or injured can often take up more time than you might think, so it's essential to have patience in order to get through each day successfully. The home care industry thrives on having an infinite supply of patience, and it all starts with the caregiver.

5. Dependability

A BrightStar caregiver is dependable, which means they always show up on time. They are also reliable—they get the job done every day.

Dependability will make or break a caregiver's career. Of course, there may be days when things get tough or seem like they're falling apart. However, what separates successful caregivers from unsuccessful ones is whether or not they can continue caring for their patients when things get tough.

6. Trustworthiness

As a BrightStar caregiver, you must be someone that your patients and their families can trust. For a caregiver to have successful patient relationships, they need to respect those they care for and those who trust them (their patients and their families). If caregivers foster and maintain strong relationships with their patients, it won't matter if they've been working with them for weeks or years—this consistency will only strengthen the relationship over time.

At BrightStar Care, we recognize how important it is to have all six of these qualities working together so that they play off of each other. No matter how well the others are done, if one is missing, there will always be something lacking. That's why we make it our job to keep up with all the latest research and strategies for home care and why we are so committed to hiring only the best of caregivers—we want you to feel happy and comfortable with each caregiver we send your way.

Become a Caregiver at BrightStar Care Columbia, MD 

Looking for a way to give back and make a difference in your own community? BrightStar Care is seeking people who are compassionate, empathetic, understanding, patient, dependable, trustworthy, and driven by a desire to help others. Hiring from within our community in Columbia, MD , means we have the chance to create jobs in an ever-growing field while also making BrightStar Care stronger one hire at a time.

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