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Activities of Engagement for Seniors

By: Sara McCord

As we age it can become more difficult to find activities that provide the feeling of being productive or needed. Everyone wants to feel needed no matter our age, mental status, or physical capabilities. Would you like to create engaging activities but you’re not sure how? You can start by reviewing the persons history and ask yourself these questions: What did they do for a profession? What hobbies did they enjoy? Are they an extrovert or introvert? What are their physical and mental capabilities?  With those things in mind, you’ll want to pick activities you know they can complete. No one wants to feel bad about themselves for not completing something.
Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  1. Baking or Cooking w/ supervision as needed
  2. Go for a walk and name the flowers or birds you spot
  3. Plant an indoor herb garden
  4. Arrange flowers in vases- silk or real
  5. Cut out coupons
  6. Write out grocery list
  7. Organize the pantry
  8. Sort playing cards by suit or color
  9. Sort objects by color, shape or type
  10. Make a family tree
  11. Go through old photos and organize
  12. Life Story Questionnaire
  13. Painting & Drawing
  14. Music Trivia Games
  15. Decorate for Holidays
  16. Books on tape
  17. Water house plants
  18. Chair Exercises
  19. Take an art or computer class
  20. Make your own greeting cards

You can modify any of the above to fit your needs, remember to always be encouraging, supportive and aware of safety.