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Getting Ready for a New Year of Care on New Year’s Eve

Elder Care in Jupiter FL

Elder Care in Jupiter FLAs Christmas comes to a close and you start to come down off of the busyness of the holidays, you still have one more opportunity for celebration ahead of you. December 31 is New Year’s Eve, a wonderful opportunity for you as a family caregiver to spend time with your aging parent celebrating the year that you have just had together and the one that you have ahead of you. Together you can prepare for your care journey throughout the new year and ensure that you are ready for whatever new challenges and experiences lie ahead.

Use these tips to celebrate New Year’s Eve by getting ready for a new year of care with your aging parent:
• Get rid of your regrets. Start your celebration by getting rid of the regrets that you might hold about the last year. Talk about anything that happened that you feel that you handled incorrectly or that happened between you and your aging parent that you wish had happened differently. Forgive yourself, forgive your parent, and agree to put it all behind you so that you can move forward.
• Make resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are a common part of celebrating this holiday and are the perfect way for the two of you to start building your care journey for the year to come. Work with your parent to come up with goals for your care as well as for your life in general. Share with each other what you would like to achieve in the year to come and come up with ways that you will pursue those goals.
• Talk about the future. You might be thinking just about the year to come, but do not overlook your care journey beyond that. This is a great time for you to start talking to your parent about future care arrangements and their wishes. Encourage them to tell you what they would like to change about their life and what they think might help them accomplish it, such as getting more active, spending more time out in the community, or being more independent. This can help you to put the proper steps into place to help them accomplish this.

The holidays are a fantastic time for you to consider starting elder care for your aging parent. This time of year can mean to-do lists that seem to grow constantly and a schedule that is packed full with additional events and obligations, leaving you feeling like you are not able to give your parent the level of care that they truly deserve. For your aging loved one, this season can bring to mind painful emotions, grief, loneliness and isolation, and constant reminders of how their challenges and limitations have impacted their ability to celebrate the holidays in the ways that they always have. An elderly home care services provider can be there with your aging parent to help them cope with the difficult emotions that they might face, encourage them to be as involved in the holiday celebrations as they can be, and ensure that their needs are met consistently throughout the season. When it comes to helping you prepare for another year of caring for your aging parent, starting elder care can help both your aging parent and you feel more prepared to handle whatever challenges this new year might hold and enable you to ensure that your loved one is getting the care, assistance, and support they desire and deserve on into the future.
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