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5 Tips for Helping a Loved One Living with Essential Tremor

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Elder Care in Jupiter FLHas your loved one been diagnosed with essential tremor? If so, you probably already know that essential tremor has more effect on your loved one's mental and emotional health than on his physical health. Regardless, helping him to cope with the tremors may be easier than you think.
Watch Stimulants

Stimulants can increase tremors for some people, so they should be avoided if they're a trigger for your loved one. Caffeine is the most common stimulant, but there may be others, such as medications for ADHD, that can cause the same effect. If your loved one isn't sure if stimulants are a trigger, try keeping a symptom journal. Also, although not a stimulant, alcohol can have a similar effect as stimulants do on essential tremor.
Practice Relaxation

Relaxation techniques can help your loved one to cope more easily with the feelings that essential tremor causes for him. Also, stress can be a trigger, so if your loved one learns how to manage stress, then he may be able to avoid it as a trigger for his tremors.
Try Therapy

Physical therapy or occupational therapy may be another helpful activity for your loved one. If your loved one has worse tremors in one hand than the other, for example, then it may be helpful to learn how to do more things with the less dominant hand. Talk to your loved one's doctor about what kinds of therapy might be most beneficial for your loved one.
Use Voice Activated Tools

Even if your loved one isn't wild about technology, there are quite a few tools that operate through voice menus, which makes them much easier to use. Once your loved one gets a little more used to them, voice operated tools may be preferable to trying to do something on his own.
Search Out Support Groups

It's important that your loved one knows that he's not on his own. That's why support groups for people who live successfully with essential tremor can be a tremendous comfort for your loved one. If you have a difficult time finding support groups on your own, try talking to your loved one's doctor for tips on finding the right group.

Your loved one's elder care providers are also invaluable resources when it comes to living with essential tremor, so be sure to ask for tips.
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