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Why Does Your Elderly Family Member's Doctor Keep Recommending Exercise for Her?

Elder Care in Palm Beach County FL: Why Does Your Elderly Family Member's Doctor Keep Recommending Exercise for Her?

Elder Care in Palm Beach County FL: Why Does Your Elderly Family Member's Doctor Keep Recommending Exercise for Her?

If your aging family member's doctor has recommended exercise as an option for her more than a few times, you might be wondering why it's such a big deal. This is especially true if you tend to view your aging adult as frail or fragile in any way. The truth is that exercise can do so much for your aging adult.

She Can Manage Her Weight More Readily

Exercising helps your aging family member to manage her weight much more easily. Whether she wants to lose a few pounds or is trying to simply maintain her current weight, exercise is a valuable tool to use toward that goal.

She'll Improve Her Balance, Flexibility, and Mobility

Not only can exercise help with weight management, it also helps your aging parent to improve some vital skills that she needs now more than ever. As your senior family member ages, mobility, flexibility, and balance all suffer. Regular exercise can help to turn back the clock on all of those losses, however.

She Might Sleep Better

If your elderly family member is too restless to fall asleep easily or if she has trouble staying asleep, exercise can help more than you might think. The extra activity gives your senior's body the movement that it craves and it can therefore rest more deeply when she does sleep.

Chronic Illnesses Can Be Easier to Manage

Depending on the chronic health conditions that your senior family member is already dealing with, she may find that exercise can actually make that battle easier. Her immune system can improve and common health problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol can actually become less of a problem with regular exercise.

It Boosts Her Self-confidence

As your senior family member exercises continuously, she'll find that she's automatically feeling more self-confident. She'll be able to do more for and by herself, which helps her with her desire to remain independent. All of this serves to build her up even more, even boosting her mood.

Having a safe space in which to exercise can be as easy as making sure that there's someone there with your elderly family member. Consider hiring elder care providers who can stop in and check on your aging adult, especially if you can't be there.

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