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Tips for Helping Your Senior Avoid Poisoning

Elder Care in Tequesta FL: Tips for Helping Your Senior Avoid Poisoning

Elder Care in Tequesta FL: Tips for Helping Your Senior Avoid Poisoning

Each year more than 2 million people throughout the United States suffer poisoning. Nearly 80 percent of these poison exposures are unintentional, putting the person in serious danger of injury, damage, and even potentially death. Elderly adults are at particular risk for poisoning, with one especially pressing issue being the large amount of medication that many of these seniors take. Approximately 83 percent of older adults take at least one prescription medication on a daily basis. Half take three or more. Due to this, approximately 1 in 10 senior adults has been the victim of accidental poisoning often caused by taking the wrong type of or the wrong dose of the medications that they take.

Despite the risk of poisoning by medication, this is not the only risk for poisoning that elderly adults face. As their family caregiver it is important that you are aware of the risks that they face and take meaningful steps to protect them from this potentially serious danger.

Use these tips to help your senior avoid poisoning:

• Give your aging parent reminders when they need to take their medication and remind them of which they are supposed to take, the dosage, and the method of taking it so that they do not get confused.

• Keep chemicals out of reach of your aging parent, particularly if they suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia that might cause confusion that could contribute to them consuming these potentially dangerous products.

• Avoid purchasing potentially dangerous products that resemble consumables, such as cleaners that look like juice, or air fresheners that resemble candy.

• Encourage your parent to look carefully at their medication before they take it to make sure they have selected the right type.

• Do not store potentially dangerous products in the same areas that they store food or other consumable items.

• Make sure that your aging parent has a functioning carbon monoxide detector in their home and that they understand what to do if it goes off.

Starting elder care for your aging parent can be one of the most nurturing, caring, and supportive decisions that you can make for your senior throughout the course of your caregiver journey with them. This elderly home care services provider can be with your senior loved one on a schedule that is right for their needs as well as their personality, individuality, and goals. This means that they get the highly personalized support, care, assistance, and encouragement that they need to maintain their health, safety, and comfort, but also to pursue a lifestyle that is as independent, active, engaged, and fulfilling in a way that is right for them. When it comes to protecting your aging parent from dangers such as poisoning, this care provider can give them valuable supervision and support, help them to make good lifestyle choices, and give reminders that will help them to remain properly compliant with their medications. As their caregiver, this can give you peace of mind knowing that when you are not
able to be with your senior, they are still in good hands.

If you or an aging loved one are considering elder care in Tequesta, FL, contact the caring staff at BrightStar Care of Jupiter. Call today (561) 741-1200.

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