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6 Tips for Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Cool in Hot Weather

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Keep the House Cooler

Elderly Care in Palm Beach Shores FLOne way to do this is to bump down the air conditioner, of course, but that gets expensive quickly. Instead, try some of these ideas before resorting to the AC. Keep window treatments closed on the side of the house that's getting direct sun. As the sun moves during the day, close blinds and curtains on the hotter side of the house. Fans can help to circulate air, so keep them running throughout the day.
Help Your Loved One Dress for the Temperature

Your loved one may have ideas for appropriate clothing that confuse you, so it's a good idea to help her to find the right clothing for the temperature. Try to stick with looser clothing that is made from fabrics like cotton so that there's better airflow. Lighter colors are also a better choice because they can reflect heat instead of drawing it in. Hats with wide brims are also a good idea to provide a little sun protection.
Protect Your Loved One's Skin

If your loved one is going to be out in the sun, hats, long sleeves, and sunscreen are all good choices. You might even want to use an umbrella to help deflect sun. A handheld mister is another way to keep your loved one's skin cool. Repurpose a spray bottle that has only ever held water and fill it with tap or distilled water.
Guard Against Dehydration

Speaking of water, dehydration is a serious threat to your elderly loved one during hot weather. Make sure that she's drinking plenty of water during the day. Try to make it a game so that she's more inspired to keep drinking her water. Try to steer her clear of drinks that are high in caffeine or alcohol since they can dehydrate her more.
Find Indoor Activities

During the hottest parts of the day and of the year, try to stick with indoor activities. That way your loved one has less to worry about in terms of the heat and she can relax and have a good time. If outdoor activities just can't be avoided, be prepared to leave as soon as your loved one seem s even remotely uncomfortable.
Double Check Medications

Some medications can make your loved one more sensitive to the sun or less able to regulate her body temperature. Make sure that you check for these types of side effects and check with her pharmacist or her doctor for tips to deal with the problem.
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