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What Is Pulmonary Rehabilitation and How Can it Help Your Elderly Loved One?

Elderly Care in Palm City FL

Elderly Care in Palm City FLFor elderly loved ones who have problems with their lung health, pulmonary rehabilitation can be the answer. Pulmonary rehab involves a detailed, customized plan that helps your loved one strengthen her lungs and the rest of her body.
An Exercise Plan

Keeping your loved one's muscles, lungs, and heart strong are an important part of improving her lung health. That's why pulmonary rehab has a strong focus on exercising. Your loved one's doctor will need to determine if exercise is right for your loved one and recommend the right amount. Some of the exercises that your loved one might do include cardiovascular exercises, like walking, and upper body workouts. She'll also learn breathing exercises that she can do daily.
An Educational Experience

Everyone's experience with lung illness can be a little bit different, but there are similarities, too. Pulmonary rehabilitation includes a component that educates your elderly loved one about her lungs, her condition, and how to improve her overall health. If your loved one smokes or engages in other habits that can hamper her lung health, pulmonary rehabilitation can offer her some of the information she needs to make those life changes.
A Support System

There's more to lung health than the physical aspects. Your loved one might experience anxiety or depression as a result of her lung health. Having the support of people who understand exactly what that's like can be key in helping your loved one to push through and focus on her health. Your loved one might even find a support group made up of other people going through the same issues she is.
Keeping Your Loved One Involved

Pulmonary rehabilitation isn't one of those things that your loved one can really approach sporadically. Maintaining a commitment to the program will get her the best results. Helping her to stick with the plan, even if it's difficult at first, can help her to see results. Once your loved one does start seeing and feeling results, it's likely to be easier to keep her on board.

Some parts of your loved one's pulmonary rehabilitation can be handled at home, but others may necessitate traveling to appointments. Work with her elderly care providers to make sure your loved one can get there safely.
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