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Dealing with Resistance When Caring for the Elderly

May 15th, 2013

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Many times, the process of caring for elderly individuals can be frustrating and challenging, especially if he or she is resistant to accept care. Usually, the only way to overcome this problem is to determine exactly what is causing the individual’s resistance. Only then can a solution be developed to encourage their cooperation.

Often times, children of aging parents struggle with their resistance to accept any type of in-home, or outside care. So exactly how does one go about providing assistance and care for a family member that simply does not want the help?

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Usually, aging parents tend to deal with loss in a variety of ways including resistance to any type of care. This loss could be from their mental capacity, their physical inabilities, or the direct loss of their own independence. Any type of acceptance of inside or outside care often relates to a direct loss of their own privacy, or the need to adjust to a variety of new routines.

Many times, the aging individual is simply reluctant to accept care because they feel vulnerable and frightened about the change. They may also have a sense of anger, or develop high levels of guilt knowing they have become a significant burden on their family or friends. Their stubbornness might be viewed as a sign of weakness, when in fact it is simply a reaction to fear.

Even though it is often challenging for a child to bring up the subject about providing care for elderly parents, communication is often the best solution. It requires sitting down and having a relaxed discussion. It usually involves an open forum, where everyone in the group can speak their own mind while listening to all other perspectives.

Before sitting down and having the discussion, the child should seek out a variety of options, and answers to questions that will likely be brought up. This might include all the options available for obtaining senior home care so that the father or mother can stay in the house, with their familiar surroundings.

It might require enlisting other family members, siblings and friends that could have the ability to alter the resistance and persuade the loved one to accept assistance. It should never be assumed that a father or mother is simply unable to converse about the subject, or state their preferences.

In the end, it is imperative to not give up. If the aging parent is unwilling to have the discussion, back away, and try again at a later time.

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