Connect with Seniors about their Emergency Plan

March 23, 2020

Emergency Preparedness Plans for Seniors Living Alone in Boise

Older adults can protect themselves in case of an emergency by making sure they have connections within their neighborhood or community before an emergency happens. 

When an older adult lives alone without a close circle of friends or support nearby, an emergency or natural disaster can be dangerous because caregivers or in-home health care aides may not be available to assist them as quickly as needed. 

Please encourage reaching out to older neighbors and friends who are living alone to see if they have a church or a community group, and have established connections with people who can assist them in an emergency.  For more information please visit BrightStar Care of Boise wellness resources for more news about caring for a senior in an emergency:

Learn how to create an emergency plan for your older loved one, including details about who they can contact nearby in case of an emergency. It helps to create a “phone tree” so they can  initiate a call to one person, and they call the next person, and so on. Then relatives and friends will know what is happening in the event of an emergency.
Here are more ideas for an emergency plan:
Create contact information and leave a copy by the phone and in your emergency kit.
Alert county emergency management agency to be placed on a list of people with disabilities who will receive help in the event of a crisis.

If your loved one depends on medication or respiratory equipment such as ventilators and oxygen tanks or equipment related to feeding and nutritional procedures, make sure you have adequate supplies, including backup generators and battery backups.

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