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We offer a wide range of home care, assisted living and medical staffing services in the Boise area. Let us help you find the right support to fit your unique needs.

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At BrightStar Care of Boise, we believe in giving more. Not only to the people we serve, but also to our community. We do it through a variety of high-quality, compassionate care and unparalleled support for our local healthcare system—making our clients’ best lives possible and the Boise community stronger than ever. Now that’s what we call, “A higher standard.”

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More About BrightStar Care Boise

At BrightStar Care of ID - Boise, our home care agency provides quality home care, caregivers, and medical staffing solutions to families and businesses in the Treasure Valley. We offer compassionate care, peace of mind and exceptional service — any time, any place. Local owner Caroline Moore is a compassionate professional with a drive for helping others. Our office is dedicated to helping families find peace of mind in challenging situations by providing dependable, quality care for their loved ones.

Caroline Moore has been involved in business development and sales from an account executive position for the last 16 years. The BrightStar corporate values and the possibility of having a successful business while helping families and individuals in need just seemed to be the perfect fit for Caroline’s aspirations. Caroline’s personal exposure to the home care industry and senior facilities, along with prior experience as a pharmaceutical rep, fueled her desire to get in there and make a difference. As the two found through their own experiences, quality homecare professionals are hard to find. Calls go unanswered; messages are not returned. It can be an exhausting and difficult search before you finally find people you can trust. Through these personal experiences with aging loved ones and the frustration and sometimes helplessness that can accompany the process, Caroline decided there had to be a better way and started researching just what that "better way" would look like. When she found BrightStar she recognized the value immediately; a homecare model that has the highest standards for quality care. Whether the need is an elderly person requiring minimal assistance to be able to stay at home instead of relocating to assisted living or even a nursing home or, a younger person whose situation requires nursing care or anything in between. It was clear that Brightstar existed to make a difference in people’s lives. Personalized care for people in need. "Our clients are not cases" Caroline says, "they're considered family." Every BrightStar caregiver we hire understands this.


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