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December 27, 2023
Linda Kunicki
Family gatherings are abundant during the many winter holidays from Thanksgiving through New Year’s day. Many may find that their parents or other elderly family and friends who are aging in place need a little assistance to stay in their current home.

Things you may notice or should look for while visiting:
A general lack of concern for appearance or hygiene and grooming. This may indicate they are struggling physically or mentally or both. Many lack interest but it may be they have low vision issues and need a checkup.
Are the elderly you visit engaging in much conversation? Do they seem withdrawn? While this could be signs of depression, it can also be they have lessened their social interactions which can lead to isolation. It could also be that they have hearing loss that could be solved with some aids.
Does it seem like the elderly are visiting are having a hard time getting up from a chair or tell you they have fallen recently or frequently? They may have mobility problems or need to be checked for medication adherence.

If you are feeling any level of concern for the well-being of your aging loved ones after your visit, you may have your “tinsel in a tangle” as to what to do next. It’s always a good first step to have them receive a complete physical evaluation by a current doctor or even better a geriatric doctor.  Also, use this handy checklist we have included below.

If you would like our Home Care Guide which includes this checklist and more information to assist you just call or email us – 312-382-8888 or