How to Navigate Senior Care Options

How to Navigate Senior Care Options

July 17, 2023
Peter NeCastro
We all know someone who is caring for an older loved one. Every day we get a call into our office from a grown child concerned about an elderly parent.  Concern is a heavy burden to carry, but with the aging population, this trend is only going to increase. My goal is to relieve that stress from families by helping them navigate senior care options.

Turn your concern into a practical, realistic plan. Download this senior care guide and find out if it is time to find help and what are the most approrpriate senior care options for your family.


Primary steps to developing a senior care plan:

  1. Identify the areas where your loved need assistance: family support, home safety, medical needs, cognitive health, mobility, personal hygine, meal preparation, social interaction.
  2. Consider your own needs and abilities: Does your health allow you to physically care for someone? Do you live close enough to visit? would you want to live with htme? Do you ahve the personality ans skill to provide the type of care needed?
  3. Work with a Senior Care Manager who will: Conduct a thorough assessment of needs, review funding options, assess the home environment and make safety recommendations, present senior care options that make sense for everyone, reocmmend community roviders and coordinate needed services.

Of course, working with a care manager like me, will take some of the pressure off the family and provide some guidance in the process. Whether it is me developing the plan or the family themselves, it’s critical to identify the areas where assistance is needed. Safety concerns within the home are important as well to consider how their current medical conditions and medications are being managed.

The hardest part for families is to determine amongst themselves who will help with what tasks and are they equipped to provide the level of care needed. Again, that’s where a care manager can help. I often act as an objective third party moderator during family meetings to help guide the process.

The first step to peace of mind is just a phone all away. Call me at (440) 613-1500 or contact our office for a consultation today!