BrightStar Care caregiver assisting elderly disabled client in wheelchair with aging spouse

Private Duty Care for Seniors and Adults

Our compassionate and experienced team offers a wide range of in-home care services that meet the needs of adults of all ages in the Cleveland area, allowing them to receive care in the comfort of their own home.

Serving Seniors and Adults of All Ages in Cuyahoga West

It’s a common misconception that in-home care providers are only equipped to serve the elderly. Although most of our clients are seeking support for their older family members, BrightStar® Home Care Cuyahoga West also meets the needs of adults of all ages who need assistance for a variety of reasons — whether that’s ongoing care or short-term services.

Types of Care

When you start to notice that your loved one needs support at home, our team is ready to step in to provide them with in-home care — and to give you peace of mind. From basic companion care to skilled nursing services, we are ready to meet your family’s needs. Discover how we can help.

Disability Services

The team of professionals BrightStar Home Care is well-trained to meet the needs of short-term disabilities (accident or illness recovery) or long-term challenges (developmental disabilities or chronic disease) in the home. Read about our adult disability care.

Health Conditions

While many of our clients with chronic medical problems are older, younger adults may also have health issues that require at-home care, such as arthritis, COPD, cancer or multiple sclerosis (MS) Learn about our expertise with adult care services.

Contact Us

BrightStar Home Care Cuyahoga West offers a wide range of senior and adult services at home. Contact our team online or call 440.613.1500 to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.