Understanding Alzheimer’s Unique Challenges for Individuals and Their Families

Understanding Alzheimer’s Unique Challenges for Individuals and Their Families

July 24, 2023
Peter NeCastro
We are dedicated to doing what we can to #END ALZ! I’m passionate about providing compassionate and specialized care for people living with Alzheimer’s disease. I understand the unique challenges faced by both individuals and their families.

I often get asked – particularly from family caregivers, who are concerned about their memory, what they can do to keep their brain healthy and stead off Alzheimer’s disease. I always tell them to do what you can to power up your brain!

Download this great educational piece which outlines some easy steps people can take to energize their brain.


Learning new things and playing games are listed. We included a word search on the back of this flyer to get people activated right away.

Controlling blood pressure is also listed along with eating a healthy diet. We included a list of brain enhancing foods, as well as foods to avoid.

Many of the suggestions to enhance brain health are things that our caregivers help our clients with every day. It’s sort of like having a coach! Our caregivers keep our clients on track with diet, exercise, medication, and disease management. One of the most important things they contribute to is personal engagement – such as conversation and activities that give them a sense of purpose.

We can design a daily diet and fitness program for you or your loved one. Call me at (440) 613-1500 or contact our office to arrange a complimentary assessment and consultation.