When to Get Help at Home for Your Aging Parents

When to Get Help at Home for Your Aging Parents

June 30, 2023
Peter NeCastro
Most seniors want to age in place. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done, especially when a person’s safety is a concern. The reality is that most seniors will need assistance with activities of daily living at some point in their life. Knowing when help is needed allows seniors to stay safe and strong for longer! So, what home care services do seniors need the most?

The time to recommend care is when mobility becomes an issue, and your parent is unable to safely move about the house. Some other signs to watch for are when your parent is having difficulty maintaining good hygiene, proper nutrition, and managing medications.

How can our Aging in Place Care Program help?
  • Staying mobile: Assistance with moving around inside and outside of the house, maintaining an exercise routine, and helping to prevent falls.
  • Supporting personal care: Assistance with personal hygiene, such as bathing, dressing, toileting, and grooming.
  • Managing medical care: Help with maintaining a medication regimen, managing chronic conditions, and observing and reporting exacerbations.
  • Receiving proper nutrition and exercise: Help creating a balanced meal plan, preparing healthy foods, and helping to maintain hydration.
  • Engaging in activities and recreation: Encouragement to do activities that are engaging and productive to maintain a sense of purpose.
  • Cleaning and home maintenance: Assistance with keeping the house clean and orderly as well as working with outside providers to ensure the home and lawn are maintained.
Your parents' life can be meaningful and safe when their needs are met.

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