August 14, 2019
Kenzo Anatado


We at BrightStar Care always uphold a Higher Standard of Care and taht would be possible if not for our staff and caregivers who does not only provide stellar care but would even go above and beyond just to meet the needs of their clients. We feature these people not only to recognize their hard work but for them to serve as a role model for their colleagues. 

AUGUST 2019 - Kethline Andre Georges

Kethline has been nominated as employee of the month for August because   of her ongoing dedication to Brighstar Care. Kethline was hired in the Spring of 2019 as a   Certified Home Health Aide and a Phlebotomist. With her two certifications, Kethline works   in-home with her clients and in the medical staffing setting. Kethline has succeeded in both   roles, as she has worked as a Phlebotomist for wellness clinics and is always willing to take   on more home care cases. Kethline is always willing to go the extra mile in providing care to   her clients. We are very lucky to have Kethline as part of the BrightStar Care Team. From the   moment she was hired, she has been a shining star!

JULY 2019 - Coleen Rivers

Coleen was chosen for Employee of the Month because she is compassionate, kind and   always uses her initiative when administering care for her clients. She accepts cases on   short  notice with any given rates and you will always find her wearing her uniform when   servicing her clients. She is very keen on informing the office of any changes to the client's   condition or schedule in a timely manner. She goes the extra mile in providing stellar care to   make her clients happy while following office rules and regulations making her an overall   dedicated worker! 

JUNE 2019 - Emmanuella

Emmanuella was chosen for Employee of the Month because she goes the extra mile to   make her clients happy. She does not only provide stellar care to her clients, but also goes   above and beyond by doing her client's hair and makeup to make her feel young again!   Emmanuella is also known for organizing her client's belongings and making sure the client's   home is always safe and clean. She has changed her client's lives for the better!