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BrightStar Care® of Tucson, AZ offers in-home care and medical staffing that goes above and beyond. We call it “A higher standard."
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BrightStar Care offers a wide variety of high-quality services—from in-home care to medical staffing. If you are looking for a trustworthy care provider or staffing partner in the Tucson, AZ area, please contact us. We’re here 24/7 to help you get started.


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At BrightStar Care of Tucson, AZ, we’re always looking for nurses and caregivers who are passionate about the high quality care they give. Click below to search our careers and join a team that supports you every step of the way.

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What Our Customers Say

Jan. 30, 2024
Rating 5 out of 5
This company is professional with great communication. Joise was very helpful, on time and friendly. Thank you!
paula cook
Google Review
Dec. 22, 2023
Rating 5 out of 5
This year my father began declining in his ability to live independently, but he fiercely wanted to remain in his home with his beloved dog. Thankfully we found BrightStar Care of Tucson. Their team has been responsive and highly professional. Through BrightStar we have been blessed with the most caring, experienced and compassionate care professional - Josie. Honestly, I do not know where we would be without her services and support. We are very grateful!
Lesley Dodson
Google Review
Nov. 30, 2023
Rating 5 out of 5
I can’t thank Therese enough for her wonderful support and care of my recent surgery and need for support with my colostomy. She is easy to talk to, provides great tips and has taught me well! Very responsive to my needs! Just a fabulous nurse to have during a challenging time in my life. Thank you!!!
Debbie Arechiga
Google Review
Sep. 18, 2023
Rating 5 out of 5
Caregiver Josie is a wonderful person currently caring for my mother on a weekly basis. During the most recent evaluation with the Brightstar nurse current care was determined to be adequate even though there was an opportunity to “over sell” more care. James Nelson
Lisa Leaf
Google Review
Aug. 07, 2023
Rating 5 out of 5
Been using their services for 3+ years. Continuous home care by professionals is what make the rating what it is 5/5
Blip Ster
Google Review
Aug. 04, 2023
Rating 5 out of 5
So far everyone has been great from my care provider to the office staff!
Patrick Wheeler
Google Review
Aug. 01, 2023
Rating 5 out of 5
I had open wounds on the back of one of my calves for over a year. The most horrific pain and experience I’ve ever gone through, and no medical expert could seem to get these excruciating wounds to heal. As strong of a person that I am, I was actually starting to feel a bit hopeless about the whole situation and started to think I would just be eternally dealing with wounds and dressing changes. Then Nurse Stephanie came along! This amazing woman had those disgusting wounds healed up and closed within a couple of months of her treating me!!! And the bonus, on top of her being able to perform such an amazing miracle for me, is that she is one of the sweetest, funniest ladies I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing! Due to my medical condition, I may run into the wound situation again. If it does reoccur, Stephanie will be the only medical professional allowed near my person to treat me. I feel so Blessed knowing I won’t ever have to suffer to the extent I did before because God sent me an Angel Nurse to heal me, and that is absolutely 100% the way I truly feel!! Thank you so much, Stephanie and Brightstar!
Maron Gibbons
Google Review
May. 14, 2023
Rating 5 out of 5
I had the privilege of having Catherine as my Home Health nurse for 7 or so months. She is sharp, witty, and so brilliant at her chosen path. She listened to my concerns and was respectful of my wishes and comfort. Trust her recommendations 100%. I got so spoiled with Catherine, I don't think another nurse will ever measure up. Brightstar is lucky to have her in their employ.
Stacey Hart
Google Review
Apr. 24, 2023
Rating 5 out of 5
My home health nurses, Catherine and Melanie smoothed over a potentially traumatic experience for me. Catherine was my initial contact who was able to answer my questions regarding future treatment when my own physicians’ and surgeons’ information seemed short on understanding. Melanie was my nurse throughout the weeks of treatment who consistently, clearly informed me how my treatment advanced after my amputation. My regular appointments with Melanie were always on time throughout my 6-week treatments, establishing communication with my other caregivers, and with her being available by phone in case an issue arose. Bright Star far exceeded my expectations throughout my time of healing.
Jose Ortega
Google Review
Feb. 03, 2023
Rating 5 out of 5
Catherine is amazing. She's very knowledgeable, kind and informative. We look forward to her visits and know we're in excellent care!
Edward Stevens
Google Review
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In 2002, Shelly Sun struggled to find compassionate, professional home care for a relative. So she founded BrightStar Care. Today, nurses and caregivers provide in-home care services across the country, including right here in AZ.

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