Senior Home Care For Snowbirds in Venice, FL

October 22, 2021
Jim Boone
Winter may be a difficult time for seniors due to the multiple changes that occur during the season. Colder weather, shorter days, and darker mornings may all have a negative impact on people's general health, safety, and daily routine. It's easy to see why so many retirees choose to spend their golden years on and around Venice's various beaches.

Elderly people and their families often spend time planning to leave their current residences for a short time. There are, however, a few things you can do to ensure they get the home care they need while traveling and while remaining at their destination.

Share Travel Plans πŸ—ΊοΈ

It's crucial to know where your family members are on their trip to their winter home so that you can keep an eye on them. Seniors who want to fly should write down the airports they will visit, the airlines they will fly with, the times they will leave and arrive, and how they will get from the airport to their destination. Elders should advise their loved ones about their plans to travel by car, including the routes they'll take and any rest breaks they'll make. Families may create a visual itinerary using websites like MapQuest or Google Maps.

Before departing on a trip, everyone wanting to drive should get their vehicle's maintenance examined. Getting or renewing their AAA membership might be a great early Christmas gift. Keep an emergency roadside kit and a medical kit in the vehicle at all times. Check to check if any of the contents in the kits have passed their expiration date and replace them if necessary.

Lookup Local Resources πŸ”

Traveling to Venice, FL and spending time in the sun might cause unforeseen problems, no matter how little. Elders and family members should have easy access to a list of local resources, including phone numbers and addresses. This includes the following:
  • Emergency services
  • Hospitals or other medical centers (note those in network and not)
  • Pharmacies
  • Gas stations and auto repair shops
  • Senior centers and home care agencies
You will save time by not having to establish a record to arrange caregiver check-ins or receive medicine refills if you call ahead to local pharmacies and care agencies. It is also possible to request wheelchairs, shower stools, or help moving baggage to their rooms by calling hotels, resorts, and senior living facilities ahead of time.

Help Them Pack 🧳

By aiding a friend or family member with their packing, you not only enjoy some quality time with them, but you also gain the pleasure of knowing they have all they need. The following are some of the most important things to have in their bags:
  • Medications and any records needed for refills
  • Any medical records to quickly share with emergency services and medical centers
    • A card with a list of medications, how much to take, and when
    • Phone numbers of their primary care physician, specialists, and pharmacies to send medication to
    • A document listing their medical history; including any recent surgeries or procedures
    • Forwarding addresses for any medical equipment that will need to be shipped to their residence
  • Medical aids such as glasses, hearing aids, blood sugar monitors and test strips, braces, walking aids, etc.
  • Proper clothes for their destination and proper clothes for the trip back
  • Chargers for all electronic devices and the devices themselves
  • ID, credit cards, tickets, and other important travel-related documents

BrightStar Care Can Be There Too 🀝

Our home care services in Venice, FL are offered to help local seniors and snowbirds stay safe at home. We're also love to be able to help families that need long-distance care. To arrange for a caregiver to accompany your senior to and from the airport, to recreational activities, or simply to offer general companionship, contact us online or call (941) 412-4070. Medical needs such as medication administration, blood sugar monitoring, and the maintenance of specialized at-home therapy may also be addressed.