How To Start The Conversation About Care At Home With Loved Ones in Venice, FL

January 14, 2022
Jim Boone

It may be difficult to navigate the path towards the sensitive subject of care at home, whether you are already caring for an aging loved one or they are just starting to need additional support. It'll take many conversations and a lot of emotion to get there. BrightStar Care of Venice, FL is committed to helping seniors and their families get the daily care they need. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you through these early phases.

Understanding Apprehension

Your loved one may be anxious about additional assistance in the house for a variety of reasons. Individuals must first and foremost take on the difficult job of acknowledging that they need support. It may also be tough for them to imagine inviting a stranger into their house and granting them access to some of their most intimate life moments. Furthermore, the prospect of receiving care at home may raise concerns about how it may impact their freedom and autonomy.

Some of your conversations will need to concentrate on making your loved one feel at ease enough to be open and honest about their feelings. Maintaining empathy is crucial in order to have a better understanding of where they are coming from and what they are going through.

Timing and Talking

It's vital to get your loved one the treatment they need before it becomes a catastrophic emergency. You'll want to give yourself plenty of time to choose the right agency, establish their care routine, and find a caregiver. Communication with your loved one and family before a crisis also decreases stress.

As previously said, the topic of care at home is sensitive. Conversations should be held in a private, face-to-face context. Make eye contact, put your phone aside, and keep extraneous distractions to a minimum so you can focus on your loved one. While listening, pay close attention to their body language to get a better understanding of their current emotional state. This will help you decide where to take the conversation and when to put it on hold till later.

Your Care Team

Caring for a loved one at home requires collaboration. While talking with your loved one, it's also important to seek out aid from others. Family members should think about who will be the primary caregiver and who will take on extra tasks in the care of their loved one. Is it possible someone can be assigned to join in on medical appointments? Who is best to be in charge of their finances? Do you want to work with the caregiver one-on-one? Medical experts, caregivers, and support groups might also all be beneficial additions to your medical team.

BrightStar Care Can Be There

BrightStar Care of Venice, FL will assist you whether you're just getting started with care at home or are currently looking for an agency. Our care team consists of nurses, therapists, CNAs, and caregivers who have all been properly vetted and trained. All with the knowledge and compassion to provide your family and loved ones the best care they deserve.