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Home care in Louisville, KY

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Senior Transportation Services in Louisville, KY

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It’s the kind of thing many of us take for granted -- the simple process of getting from point A to point B when we need to do it. But sometimes life has a way of intruding on schedules and plans. Often, it’s the result a joyous occasion, like the birth of a child. Other times, it’s due to a new health issue or an injury that makes driving and movement difficult. Elderly people also have transportation issues, as well as anyone recovering from an operation or medical procedure. But you don’t have to be trapped in your house or reliant on friends and family to take care of everything for you. BrightStar Care in Prospect, Kentucky is here to help. With our transportation services, there is no need to be stuck in your house or put off important errands. We can help all kinds of people with their transportation needs, including the elderly, people of any age who are dealing with post-operative or post-procedure difficulties, disabled persons, and even new parents who are having a difficult time balancing life at home with a new baby with those things that need to be done outside of the house. And whether you need help around your local town or help traveling for business or pleasure, we have a full range of care services to meet your needs. And our trained, certified, dedicated caregivers are the perfect people to help you get around and get things done. We also understand that transportation is about more than just the occasional run to the grocery store. That is why our caregivers can help with transportation for a variety of reasons. We can handle nearly everything you may need, including:

  • Visits to friends and family
  • Planning for visits, errands, outings, and multi-day trips
  • Companionship for travel
  • Shopping and errands of all kinds
  • Call us at BrightStar Care today to talk about our transportation programs and how we can help you.