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What Happens To Your Pet When You Can't Care For Them?

April 7th, 2016


What about Buster?

Pets make wonderful companions for most people, and especially those that are aging and somewhat isolated. A pet can give you a sense of purpose, specific activities that need to be accomplished each day, some physical activity in providing care for them, and most importantly that unconditional love that comes with owning a wonderful family pet. However, owning a pet also comes with some responsibilities. So what happens to that pet and who takes over those responsibilities if the pet owner gets sick or needs to go into the hospital or a short term rehabilitation facility?

Let me tell you how BrightStar Care and other home care agencies like us can help. We recently had a client that lives in a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Bucks County, PA. The community is pet friendly, and the resident has a large, friendly and active dog that we will call Buster. Buster is one of the most well-behaved, well-trained dogs that I have ever encountered, but he was also an active and lively dog that needed daily exercise and needed to go outside to take care of his business. When his owner became ill and needed to be on oxygen and limit her activity, she didn’t have anyone that could tend to Buster’s needs. So, she called BrightStar Care.

As a leading home care agency that provides companion care, personal care, transportation, and household tasks, pet care seemed like a natural extension of our services to help ensure the safety, health, and happiness of our clients. Therefore, taking Buster for a daily walk, cleaning up after he took care of business, feeding him, and giving him the attention he deserved and loved to receive was a joy. While we are not groomers, dog sitters, or primarily a pet care company, our client’s quality of life and peace of mind is always our mission. Buster received excellent care until his owner got back on her feet and was able to resume her duties as pet-owner extraordinaire.

It pays to have a contingency plan for your pets or other loved ones that might need some assistance if you become temporarily or permanently unable to continue performing the activities of pet care or personal care for a loved one. Put a plan in place and keep phone numbers handy so that your precious pets are well tended to in the case of an emergency. Thanks for listening today and I hope you and your furry (or not so furry) little friends have a wonderful day!

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