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Our Madison Care Team

Home Care Team

Denise-web-II.jpgDenise Wheeler | Operations Manager I joined the BrightStar Care team in 2015 after almost 20 years of child care center management experience, and before that, experience as a CNA. I've been a Customer Care Manager, Customer Experience Manager and now Operations Manager in my 6 years at BrightStar. I love helping our certified nursing assistants be successful and helping clients receive the best care possible.

Becky-web.jpgBecky Radke | Customer Experience Manager I have returned to BrightStar, a familiar workplace to which I returned after an eight-year break. In my first seven years with BrightStar, I worked as a Customer Care Manager and later opened the BrightStar Baraboo office and led the team as Branch Manager. I am thrilled to be back and will take on the role of Customer Experience Manager. I am always eager to provide an exceptional experience to our clients and referral sources.  It’s wonderful to be back “home” where the answer is, and always will be, “yes!”

Untitled-design-(6).jpgShane Tomesh | Customer Care Manager  I’m a native resident of the Madison area & graduated from UW-Whitewater in spring of 2019. I’m very excited for the opportunity to assist in providing care to our clients. I hope to make a difference in our community by aiding our clients to the best of my ability as well as helping caregivers achieve all of their personal goals. Recreationally, I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, traveling & meeting new people!

ethan-web.jpgEthan Maurice | Customer Care Manager I joined BrightStar in the fall of 2020 as a Social Media Intern where I got the opportunity to interview BrightStar clients and care staff for social media posts.  This experience made me fall in love with what we do to match great caregivers with amazing clients, so much so that I decided to become a Customer Care Manager in early 2022.  In my spare time I am an avid soccer fan along with enjoying many other sports.   

Medical Staffing Team

Valerie-web.jpgValarie Heiser | Staffing Operations Manager I come from a long background in healthcare. I started working the floor in a skilled nursing facility at age 16, and it really opened my eyes to the ever-demanding need for quality and compassionate nurses and caregivers. I moved around the industry over the years, from Unit Coordinator at a local hospital, surgical tech to scheduling and HR. Many of my certifications are still current. I was brought into the S & J family in 2018 and never looked back. I manage client satisfaction, fulfillment and quality for our clients in the Racine territory.  BrightStar has given me the support I need to grow within the company, and I have passed along that same support to the staff that I manage so we can all shine bright together. We aren't only a team, we are family. 

Kelly-W-(3).jpgKelly Welch | Employee Engagement Manager  I came to BrightStar with 17 years of experience in long-term care, home care, staffing, and education.  I also have a B.S. in Genetics with a minor in Ethics from Iowa State University, and a M.S. in Public Health Nutrition and Health Sciences from Emory University.  I worked as a CNA for seven years before moving into management roles.  My favorite part of my job is working with our caregivers to help them develop as healthcare professionals.

Clinical Team

Margo-Madison-WEB.jpgMargo Collins | RN Case Manager I have been involved in the healthcare field for 30 years. I was a CNA for six years prior to becoming an RN. This experience was my inspiration to become a registered nurse. My nursing background also includes orthopedic, cardiac and nursing home experience. Most recently, I spent ten years at an ambulatory surgery center. My passion is creating personal plans of care and helping our direct care staff connect with clients.

Beth-Madison-WEB.jpgBeth Hennes | RN Case Manager Although I've only been working at BrightStar Care in the Case Manager role for about a year, I had been taking individual, skilled cases from BrightStar for several years prior as they would fit around other nursing positions I've held.  I love being a case manager at BrightStar because of the variety of people I get to meet and help.  In my spare time, I'm very passionate about fitness and wellness, coaching youth teams and teaching classes as my schedule allows. 


Susan-web-(1).jpgSusan Rather | Owner I hold a bachelor’s degree in medical technology from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, and a master’s degree in human relations from Oklahoma University. I have 25 years experience working in medical facilities and laboratories in Alabama, California, Colorado, Germany, and Wisconsin. Before opening the BrightStar business with my husband, Jeff, I was the Laboratory Manager at the Veteran’s Hospital in Madison. While this is a second career for me, helping out families in need and providing quality jobs for our great staff is the most meaningful and rewarding work I’ve ever done.

Jeff-web.jpgJeff Tews | Owner I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Minnesota, and spent 30+ years in corporate positions at US West, Qwest and US Bank. A re-organization of US Bank started my search for an opportunity to run a small business. When Susan and I heard about BrightStar, we decided it was a perfect opportunity to help families, create jobs, and establish a business in this growing industry.

Ryan-T-web.jpgRyan Tews | Owner I joined the BrightStar team after running another business in the service industry for many years, first taking on oversight of our assisted living properties and then day-to-day financials for BrightStar Care.  I enjoy working with all of our managers and coaching them on problem-solving.  In my spare time I enjoy traveling and sky diving.

sean-morrison-web2.jpgSean Morrison | Director of Operations I came to BrightStar Care with over 20 years’ expertise in healthcare leadership and business development. My experience working in payor, technology, and provider segments provides a unique understanding of the healthcare system.  I am passionate about providing exceptional care and delivering the best possible outcomes to clients, families, and community partners. My goal is to ensure BrightStar operations are client-centered, compassionate, and focused on delivering a higher standard of care.

Lori-Madison-WEB.jpgLori Tebrinke | Director of Nursing I reinvented my professional career in 2009 by obtaining my CNA license and working at UW Hospital and Clinics while attending University of Wisconsin-Madison, graduating in 2013; additionally I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Iowa State University in Communication Disorders with a minor in Psychology. Before coming to Bright Star, I was a night RN at UW Hospital and Clinics on a general internal medicine unit that specialized in Geriatrics and Special Pathogens. I am excited to bring my evidence-based, best practice nursing skills, experiences and training into the private setting. I am passionate about leadership. Education and coaching are vital to achieving excellence in home care. Recognizing excellence in our caregivers is one of the best parts of my job. Working here at Bright Star as an RN Case Manager, I feel I have truly come full circle by being able to provide this level of care to my clients in their own home!

Laken-Web-(Icon).pngLaken Wehrmann | Assistant Director of Nursing I was working at a facility in the Janesville area when I first heard of BrightStar, there was a nurse on my floor that was from BrightStar Staffing. I have worked in many different healthcare settings, mostly assisted livings, and memory care units. Throughout my time at BrightStar, I've found that the part I enjoy the most as an RN Case Manager is coordinating the 1-to-1 individualized care we provide.  I’m excited to contribute to greater levels of clinical excellence through my new role as Assistant Director of Nursing.

HattieRed-web.jpgHattie Truss | Business Office Manager While I loved my previous position as a pharmacy technician, I was looking for more human interaction when I came to BrightStar Care- and I definitely found it here.  I especially enjoy communicating with staff, clients and their family members to solve issues with billing, payroll and all aspects of our scheduling software.  

Talent Acquisition

E-Peters-photo.jpgErin Peters | Talent Acquisition Director I recently returned to BrightStar Care after working here as a Recruiter from 2007-2015. I truly found my passion for serving others after realizing the impact we made by providing quality job opportunities for our CNA, nurses, and medical support staff. I earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in Business Administration and have spent the last 16 years working in Human Resources, with a focus in talent management and employee relations. My goal is to ensure that our hiring and onboarding provides the ultimate experience for our caregiving and nursing staff and that we make lasting impressions on those who work for BrightStar Care for years to come. 

April-web.jpgApril Kaiser | Talen Acquisition Specialist I choose Brightstar as I have previously worked as a CNA and really enjoyed working with patients. I got my bachelors degree from UW-Platteville.  Before Brightstar I was a HR intern at Deal health plan. After receiving my degree in business with an emphasis in HR Management I wanted to find a job where I could incorporate my education with my background in healthcare. I enjoy getting to interact with all the different caregivers daily. I enjoy hearing how passionate the caregivers are and hearing about how they find so much fulfillment working with our clients.

Dacia-web.jpgDacia Riggs | Talent Acquisition Specialist I started with BrightStar in Feb. 2018 as a Recruiter for SCW-Home Care. Prior to Brightstar I graduated from UW-Whitewater with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, managed CBRF group homes and served as the In-Home Services Manager for Independent Living Inc. After being in management for many years I decided to change career paths. I became a Recruiter for a large call center where I learned WAY more than just recruiting (it was crazy…to say the least). Then when I saw BrightStar had an opening for a Recruiter, I realized it was my two passions bundled into one. Here I am…4 years later with a new title that I can barely spell, but still have the passion to help applicants realize the opportunities and rewards they can experience working for BrightStar Care.

Wanita-web.jpgWanita Day | Talent Acquisition Specialist I have been in health care for 22 years now. I worked as a CNA for 19 years in a skilled facility, hospital, and hospice. I joined Brightstar in July 2020 as an Employee Engagement Manager and an Account Manager for Medical Staffing and recently joined our Brightstar Care Talent Acquisition Team. I am excited to use my experience in healthcare to educate new employees and grow our team so we can continue to fulfil our mission of providing rewarding work and a Higher Standard of Care. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my daughter Jordan and my chocolate lab Wes, I also enjoy photography and traveling!


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