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6 New Year's Resolutions For You And Your Seniors

The New Year is typically filled with lists of resolutions that range from losing weight to saving money. There is no doubt these resolutions are goals we set to self-improve, but what about working on these resolutions with others? New Year's resolutions provide you with the great opportunity to connect with your seniors, so you both stay committed to self-improving!

New Year's Resolutions

This year consider making resolutions you can work on with your seniors, and together you can succeed. Here are 6 great 2017 resolutions for both you and your elders:

  1. Make a Bucket List: Make a list of activities you and your seniors can fulfill together. List local restaurants, parks, museums and landmarks you'd both like to visit this year. Don't forget to add any activities you'd both like to participate in such as a contest or a DIY class. Spending additional time together this year is possible with a bucket list.
  2. Eat Healthier: You and your seniors can cook and prepare healthy meals together this year. Print yummy recipes off the internet, set a consistent time to meet and get cooking! Let the entire family join in by having special dinner nights with food cooked by you and your seniors.
  3. Talk About The Difficult Stuff: This may not be a fun resolution, but it is very important to think about the future of your seniors. Discussing the best care options for your senior while they are still capable will only benefit them in the future. If you have any questions concerning caregiving options, give BrightStar Care a call. Our nurses and staff are prepared with solutions to all of your seniors' wishes and concerns.
  4. Become More Active: Motivate each other to stay active and get moving. Encourage your seniors to take a stroll with you and the family, or visit a park together when the weather warms up. Simply getting outside and moving around can have a positive effect on both the mind and body.
  5. Become Tech Savvy: Consider getting your seniors up-to-date on the latest technology and opening them up to a new social media account. There is an increasing number of seniors on the internet, so now is the time to reconnect your seniors with distant family and friends on the web. Introduce them to a new webcam for video chatting with the family and see what joy it brings to their eyes.
  6. Start Writing: Revert back to different times, pick up a pen and start writing. Your elders grew up in a time without phones or internet, so they will appreciate the thought put into a hand-written piece. Consider writing letters and notes back and forth for a whole year. Letters allow you to get to know each other in a new light, and it'll be something your senior can look forward to throughout the year.

It's almost a new year. Talk with your seniors today about setting up some exciting resolutions in time for New Year's. If both you and your seniors decide it is time to discuss caregiving options, BrightStar Care is here to help. BrightStar provides the highest standard of care to the Mid-Missouri area, so give us a call to discuss any of our caregiving options today.

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