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Making The Holidays Special For Your Elders

November 21st, 2016

It's hard when those previously in charge of all of the holiday decorating, cooking and planning are no longer able to take the reigns. These inabilities can often make the holidays stressful or sad for our elders and seniors, so it is important to pay special attention to our loved ones during this time. 

Tips for Making This Season Special

There are many ways to continue celebrating with our elders whether they live independently or in a nursing home. Take this time to make sure your parents have a great holiday season just as they did for you growing up. Here are some easy, fun tips to follow this holiday season:

  • Always invite your elders to the family get-togethers. This may seem like a no brainer, but it is very important to ensure your elders still feel included in the fun. Also, make sure to organize rides to and from events to make this invitation seem like no bother at all.
  • Let the children participate in activities. Your loved ones love their grandkids, so make sure they take part in all celebrations. Your elders will enjoy watching the children continue traditions from the past, and they can remember the happy memories that came from them.
  • Listen to their stories. Ask your elders to tell stories from the past or recall their favorite memories. It is always fun to bring up funny or heartwarming stories from years ago, and they will bring a smile to everyone's face.
  • Use their special decorations. Decorating your elder's home or room in general can bring such holiday cheer to their space. Using their treasured decorations, especially in places the elders pick out themselves, is a great way to help them with this holiday task.
  • Help with holiday cards. Signing, addressing and stamping a stack of cards isn't so easy for your elders anymore. Continuing this ritual will help them keep in touch with old friends and family.
  • Use their recipes for home-made meals. Pick some of your elder's favorite meals, and maybe even use some of their recipes this holiday season. Make their old rituals and meals seem special in the present.
  • Help them keep in touch with friends. Ask about phone calls or letters they've received and encourage them to reach out to friends. Unfortunately some of your parents' old friends share sad news of death, sickness and troubles. Make sure to be there for your parents and to keep the mood cheery.
  • Offer to help with gifts.  Taking your parents to the store, helping them purchase gifts and later wrapping them up will allow for your elders to feel capable of giving this season.

Photo of a pile of presents underneath a Christmas tree

Spending time with your elders is important during the holidays, and there are so many ways to keep them included in all of the season's celebrations. Recall all of the joyful memories you shared growing up, and be sure to let them know you are thankful. Continue with traditions and get your children involved. Let's make the holidays great for the whole family.

If your loved ones are in need of a little extra care this holiday season, the medical staff and caregivers at Brightstar Care are here to help. In-home care is possible and affordable with Brightstar, and they will make sure your elders are never alone during the joyful season. Call today.

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