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Cherry Barrios Employee Interview

June 2nd, 2016

Cherry 2

Cherry Barrios, RN

How respected and valued do you feel at BrightStar?

Jen and the staff send out thank you cards to let us know how valued we are, especially when we are called to work in short notice.
One of the cards from Jen, explained how well I was doing with charting.
As a new nurse, that means a lot because it helps build my confidence with my care for my clients.
Other nurses that I have run into were very helpful which motivates me to be a better nurse.


Do you feel supported by the management?

Yes, I feel supported by the management because I am able to call or talk to the other nurses and ask for advice 24/7. Ruth has been my mentor for the past few month as a new nurse and have learned so much from her.
Also, the scheduling staff were able to work around my schedule, especially during nursing school.


How is BrightStar different from being a C.N.A. versus being a nurse?

For the most part, being a C.N.A is a very physical job especially when assisting your clients with their basic needs (like re-positioning clients in bed, changing, briefs, or helping them with bed baths).
It can be overwhelming when you have to give 10-20 patients bed baths in a certain amount of time.
There is not a lot of paper work, but CNAs still have to report any critical changes in their patients' health.

As a CNA, I follow the client's plan of care.
Although I still assist with my clients' basic needs, as a nurse I am now responsible for how they should be cared for.
Making sure that I have the right drug, the right dose, the right route, the right time, and the right patient. All the stuff that I learned in nursing school is becoming a reality. Charting is more in depth with assessments and stating the care I provided my patients (as well as their reactions to it). It is a lot of thinking and more responsibility.

Overall, being a CNA, at BrightStar, has made me more comfortable with being around my clients.
I learned techniques with how to give basic care.
My experience as a CNA helps me relate to other CNAs who I work with now as a nurse.


What would you tell someone about working at BrightStar?

BrightStar is a great place to work, especially if you are a nursing student. Working for BrightStar has provided me with valuable experience with working in different areas of nursing.
Initially, I thought I would be just working in home health, but I have been to several facilities like hospice and memory care. I have also cared for a variety of patients young and old.

Also, they can work around your school schedule. There were times I needed time off so I can focus on exams (more so with studying for the NCLEX).
After I graduating from nursing school, I was able to work for them as an RN. I know some of my classmates were having difficulties finding a job.
So, I am thankful that I started with BrightStar as a CNA, because I knew that I would have a job as an RN after I graduated.

~ Cherry Barrios