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Learn about our BrightStar Care Dementia Program

March 18th, 2016

Dementia training is hybrid of BrightStar's own with CARES by the Alzheimer's organization.

Dementia Training for Field Staff Requirements:

  • 2 hours self-study at pre-hire
  • 2 hours face-to-face at pre-hire
  • Annual 2 hour training
  • (12) 1 hour self-study in services (one a month)
  • Additional optional monthly trainings
  • Hands on training that is client specific with Dementia activity kits by RN case managers


Our Dementia Program provides Dementia specific case management by Registered Nurses who are specially trained in Dementia care, as well as, trained field staff who have been educated in the types of Dementia and how to provide individualized person centered care to each client.

The Field Staff are …

  • Trained in what to look for in the early, middle and late stages of Dementia and on how to keep our clients calm and active
  • Trained on how to handle those clients who have challenges with eating, hygiene, sleeping and agitation
  • Trained on how to handle “challenging behaviors”
  • Trained in administering medication- IM and subQ medication
  • Trained in the “Do With Not For” mentality that they are to promote independence with all Dementia clients by assisting with activities of daily living while encouraging them to engage in daily life
  • put through specialized training where they put themselves in their clients’ shoes when it comes to doing everyday tasks and are encouraged to “think outside of the Box” when delivering care to Dementia clients


The educational tools used within this program are derived from the Alzheimer’s Association, the National Dementia Initiative, and Dementia specialists so that our staff become Dementia specialist caregivers. We offer support in maintaining our clients’ privacy and dignity and help them remain safe in their homes.

bucket 2.1Each Dementia client also receives an “Activity Bucket” in their home that consists of interactive activities that they can engage in with our field staff.

Example: Word finds, checkers, marbles, matching games, a deck of cards, paperclips to sort, beads to make necklaces with.



If you would like more information about our program, please contact us.