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The Value of Nurse Care Coordinaton

February 11th, 2016

Ruth Babb, Nurse Care Coordinator

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Ruth Babb is one of our most valued employees. She serves with passion and goes above and beyond for her patients. She has 15 years of experience in the nursing field, including home care case management, outpatient surgery, wound care and dialysis.

“Working at BrightStar was the best career decision I could have made, providing me with the most diverse assignments. Caring for the many patients we service has been so rewarding.” - Babb.

During her 2 years here at BrightStar, she has been dedicated and determined to bring her clients the best caregivers and provide high quality home services and nursing care. She loves advocating for and helping her patients live the best life they can.

“They feel safe and comfortable with us and that is what we are all about. BrightStar is where I need to be because it allows me to be all I can be,” says Babb.

The BrightStar mission, according to Jen Winarski, our Director of Nursing, is “Making More Possible.”
Promoting independence, keeping the clients in their homes, keeping them where they are safe and comfortable, and providing a little bit of care so they can maintain their lives the best they can is what the BrightStar team strives for.

Ruth Babb, along with many other employees at BrightStar exemplify the qualities of a “Shining Star.” Shining Stars are the star performer employees that go above and beyond to take care of their clients. They are there from the start of the day to the end of their shift, providing availability 24/7.

The value of Nurse Care Coordinators at BrightStar is that they also provide complimentary nursing oversight. A Nurse Care Coordinator is assigned to each home care client to ensure the quality of care. They go to the client’s home and give the patient an initial assessment, they make sure the living environment is safe, make sure they’re taking the right medication, they provide recommendations on what equipment is necessary, they provide coaching to the caregiver staff…the list goes on and on but the Nurse Care Coordinators are really the backbone of BrightStar.

“Ruth is amazing! She never says no to anything; she is always available day or night. She has gone out and sat in the ER with clients who needed to be there, she has been at the death bed with families, she has pushed her sleeves up and done what needs to be done. She has done amazing things. Our team is wonderful in all the things they do when they are out in the field,” says Jen.

BrightStar wouldn’t be what it is today without the fantastic team of Shining Stars and Ruth Babb is just one example of an extraordinary employee who truly serves with passion.

Watch the video below for a full interview with Ruth about her experiences with BrightStar, and to find out about the different types of programs BrightStar has to offer.


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