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Top 6 Reasons to Work at BrightStar

July 7th, 2016

Top 6 Reasons

1. Flexibility

The flexibility we offer is one of our biggest differentiating factors between other agencies. Our employees get to choose their own schedules. We even encourage you to continue your education while providing shifts that work best for you.


BrightStar gives me the flexibility I need with raising a family. It allows me time off to go on field trips and helps me to be an involved parent. BrightStar makes you want to be a part of their team with incentives and small celebrations! Everyone in the office is friendly! The Nurses are hands on team players!” – Nancy

“I have been at BrightStar health care in Naperville will be 1 year in August. I chose to work for them because of the flexibility with the schedule. I had a change in my career and decided to go back to school to become a nurse and BrightStar is a perfect fit with my schedule. All my clients have been extremely special to me and there is a definite sense of team work. The staff are kind and always there willing to help with whatever they can do to make our jobs easier. They even have a skills lab if you need a refresher. Someone is always willing to meet with you and assist you there if need be. All my time with BrightStar so far has been nothing but positive. It is a very good experience.” – Julie

2. You Gain ExperienceDSC_0032

Whether you’re fresh out of school or a seasoned Nurse we have opportunities for you to enhance your skills. We have a learning skills lab in our office that is fully equipped with everything you need to practice so that you feel comfortable when you’re working out in the field. We don’t throw you into the shark tank – we make sure that you’re fully trained and know what to expect when you work. You also learn the different sides of home care. You can work private duty 1-on-1 cases or you can work in a facility which offers a more fast-paced environment. The choice is YOURS!

 Read more about our Internship Program and about our Mentorship Program.

Frank Gloves

“I was first introduced to BrightStar as a part of a capstone course for my nursing program. I learned so much and had such good experiences with my RN mentor that I decided to come back and work for them. From the DON, case managers, and schedulers, to the fellow employees working out in the field, I have found a nurturing environment that helps me continue to grow as a new grad nurse. With BrightStar I have flexibility, skills practice, and a wide range of nursing experiences that has helped me make the transition from student to working nurse.”  – Fran

“…I worked with many different types of clients which helped improve my knowledge in care for the clients and what I was learning at school. The staff is excellent and always there willing to help with whatever they could to make your job easier. They have a skills lab in the office if you’re not sure on how something is done, they will retrain you if needed.” - Pat


3. The Team – “You’re Never Alone”

Team Pic Framed.JPG

Our management team is your #1 support. They schedule your shifts and they help you when you’re out in the field. We have nurses available that you can call and ask for help or advice when you’re working. As a BrightStar employee we have your back – we never want you to feel alone or uncomfortable, we want you to get as much out of this experience as you can.

When you take care of our clients, we take care of you!

“I feel supported by the management because I am able to call or talk to the other nurses and ask for advice 24/7. Ruth has been my mentor for the past few months as a new nurse and have learned so much from her.
Also, the scheduling staff were able to work around my schedule, especially during nursing school.” – Cherry

“I have been a Certified Nursing Assistant for over 10 years but I have been an employee at BrightStar for 4 years. I am proud to say that working for this company is an honor and they treat you with respect. We work as a team to help others and in return it makes me feel good about what I do. Everyone at BrightStar is supportive and always willing to lend a helping hand, I appreciate everything they have done for me in the past years. BrightStar is a wonderful place to work.” -Ann

4. The Perks

Who doesn’t like a job that offer you a lot of perks? Our #1 mission is to provide the highest quality of care to our clients but to do that we have to take care of our own employees. Here is a list of perks and benefits of working at BrightStar:

Recruiting Template jpeg2

5. You Make a Difference

You have answered your calling to serve others and as a caregiver you get to make a difference in someone’s life.

No matter how big or how small you think your efforts are they definitely don’t go unnoticed. At BrightStar you are given opportunities to really put your passion of helping others in full force.

Knowing you have made a mark in someone’s life is a feeling no one can ever take away.


"When Janice [BrightStar employee] walked into our home, a burden was lifted off my shoulders and I now have a partner," Andy's wife concluded. "Janice is more than a shade above the other caregivers, and if BrightStar could only crown her, they would be a winner."  – BrightStar Client

“Huge thanks to BrightStar for coming out at the last minute to serve an emergency that my regular agency couldn't handle. Regular agency is now fired, and bright star is hired. And a special shout out to Elaine, the nurse, who is the first person to put on the dressing and it stayed leak free 24 hours later. Gold-medal!” – BrightStar Client, Caterina

“I enjoy working with the clients that I'm assigned to care for. I always get a sense of satisfaction helping people who need assistance for their well-being. I enjoy working at BrightStar, it's been a really good experience working there.” -Rafael

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6. Employer of Choice

HCP_Employer_of_Choice_carousel_slide_420x200_72_mobileWe were named the 2016 Employer of Choice by Home Care Pulse.
Only the nation’s top-ranking home care providers earn this distinction based on employee (professional caregiver) satisfaction scores gathered by Home Care Pulse — a national third-party quality and satisfaction research firm.

BrightStar Care contracted with Home Care Pulse to gather feedback from their caregivers via live phone interviews each month. Because Home Care Pulse is an independent third-party company, it is able to collect honest and unbiased feedback. BrightStar Care of Naperville/South DuPage received the highest satisfaction scores from their caregivers in areas such as training, office communication, caregiver/client compatibility, and overall job satisfaction. Read more here... 

“One thing for sure I have worked at some facilities and the care we given to the clients is far better than some of the workers that actually work at those facilities, that says a lot about who BrightStar hires.” -Patricia

I worked with many agencies before working at BrightStar and the difference is clear. BrightStar cares and is ready to listen to me whenever I call. Requesting more hours, calling off work, etc… there is always someone to help me with my needs as much as they can. Their In-Service and quarterly continuing education has been a huge help. It has helped me to build more confidence in providing excellent services to my clients and my work. Above All they appreciate when I go above and beyond by recognizing my hard work with gift cards. Lovely, good and helpful team to work with. I recommend BrightStar to all.” – Araba

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