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Our North Suburban Chicago Care Team

The answer to your question is “Yes, we provide all that!"” After you tell us your needs, we will custom-tailor a plan of care and make all of the necessary arrangements. We are here to help our clients and their families live their best. Let us know how we can be of service.

Click here to Meet Jeff emrich, owner of BrightStar Care North Suburban Chicago.

About the Owners Jeff Emrich...


A former food processing executive, and Carl Kettler, a former software industry executive, learned firsthand about the challenges of caring for their aging parents. Quality of life, dependability, and caregiver compatibility were just a few of the concerns they had when their own family members needed help. Jeff and Carl have strong community ties, and they both saw that homecare would give them a way to make a difference with their careers. The dedication and sense of family values within BrightStar brought them together and gave them the opportunity to provide the best level of care for their clients.


Our Director of Nursing is Molly Schirf

 She’s a talented, highly credentialed and dedicated nurse, as well as a devoted mom who makes time for her family without missing a beat (heart-beats or otherwise).  Molly Schirf serves our organization and clients well as Co-Director of Nursing (DON) for our BrightStar North Suburban office.
Molly states outright that being a nurse is the only job that ever made sense to her, even from an early age. “Caring for people in their time of illness is the very definition of nursing and that’s a calling in my life and passion.”
As a visiting nurse, one of Molly’s key responsibilities is giving infusions, which is also one of her greatest skill strengths. Another main part of her work for BSNS is supervising the on-staff nurses and being on top of each and every patient’s case and progress.
Molly is excited about her BSNS relationship. “I like to think one of the reasons BrightStar Care North Suburban hired me is because I have a higher skill set, like doing infusions and being a nurse with a background in intensive care.”
The “higher skill set” that describes Molly, fits perfectly with the “higher standard of care” that BrightStar In-home Care offers. And Molly is working to take her skills to the next level.
“I’m working toward my Ph.D. in nursing and my goal is to eventually teach nursing to those who are equally devoted to the nursing profession.”
We appreciate all her talents, including her skills as a mom for two fairly young kids. Clearly, for the team at BrightStar Care North Suburban and our patient/clients, Molly is an infusion of energy, devotion and professionalism.
If you have any questions or concerns, or home care needs you’d like Molly to address, feel free to contact her directly at (847) 510-5750 or e-mail her at Molly.schirf@brightstarcare.com.


Josie Tyler, Staffing Co-Ordinator

Josie  is responsible for recruiting and helping to retain the best caregivers along the North Shore. Josie will be seeking the highly skilled and compassionate care professionals who define the BrightStar Care/North Suburban Difference. Josie has her experienced sights, websites and insights set on people who won’t just care for families, but become part of them.

Josie is well-experienced in the art of recruiting. she served as staff recruiter and gal-everything for the large and well-known caregiving agency, Right at Home. A huge plus is the fact that Josie is a CNA, Certified Nursing Assistant, which means she knows medical terms, what specific skills candidates are offering so she can ask questions and better judge qualifications.


Personally, Josie is a devoted mom for her son, Jamere. She is also a self-acknowledged "foodie," which makes her a delicious fit for our BrightStar Care organization.


Debra Payne, Staffing Coordinator

Meet Debra Payne, with 25 years of experience in recruiting, hiring, training and scheduling
caregivers. She works closely with Josie Tyler  to find the perfect caregiver for each patient and make sure the sheduling and timing will work for everyone. Jeff Emerich is happy we have two top professionals in this position. "This gives our in-home care agency even greater ability to serve our clients and their families," says the BSNS owner. "Thanks to Devra, we're able to double our recruitment efforts and offer even greater depth in terms of back-up caregivers who can respond to the call if needed.”
Debra has interesting stories to tell about candidates she’s interviewed and one in particular who was like Muhammed Ali saying she “was the greatest” in terms of caregiver skills. Debra felt that was a bit over the top, but it turns out she was and Debra even ended up hiring her to take care of her own mom.

Personally, Debra loves to cook, collects recipes she puts up on Pinterest. She married her highschool sweetheart, (aww)and loves, loves, loves hanging out with her four grandchilren. 


Howard Hoffman, Community Liason

As a uniquely aimable and caring individual, Howard Hoffman is ideally suited to his position as the liaison between BrightStar North Suburban and the community. His value goes beyond his gregarious nature, however, by virtue of his experience as a sales rep in the heavy-duty pharmaceutical world where Howard developed keen skills as a salesperson and being able to interact with medical staff and physicians.
“With training, you can learn how to build relationships with people and “appear” to care, but to be really successful you have to truly care about others. You’ve got to be a social person by nature. That’s one reason I love what I do at BrightStar Care North Suburban. I really enjoy meeting people and I love the services we provide, helping seniors and others not just to get by, but to get better. What a joy it is to help improve someone’s quality of life!” If you wish to contact Meaghan
Howard is a man on a literal mission: “I appreciate the overall mission of the BrightStar Care organization,” he affirms. One of my missions is to help BrightStar Care grow as a vital, healthcare/home-care resource within the North Shore community. It’s wonderful to serve seniors and others who are aging in place. If you’ll pardon a pun, that needed service never gets old.”
Points of personal interest: Howard has been married for 27 years and has three children. He is a devoted dad and super big on family and volunteering. How can you not appreciate someone who calls their mom to say hi two times a day?


Yet Another Community Liasion Star, Alison 

What qualifications do you want for an individual designated to be your link to the health professionals, residential care leaders and communities you serve? As an in-home care agency with an important reputation to protect and promote, you want every skill set that Alison Marcus offers.
She has served in relationship sales for years, especially for businesses dependent on personal interaction to build confidence, trust and loyalty. Alison has ultra-strong communication skills and is a very active listener. Talking to her one-to-one reveals that she leads with her heart, has a passion for helping others, including seniors and those who are most vulnerable, extending to people with special needs. She believes in, as she puts it, “the honor and integrity of all people.”
These skills are wonderfully compatible with her BrightStar Care position, but there’s even more to acknowledge: Alison had previous experience working in senior care and also has firsthand experience of some of the challenges of seniors who need help at home. Sometimes, serious help. Sadly, one of Alison’s parents had Alzheimer’s.
On a personal, happier note, Alison is the proud parent of two young, adult daughters and is passionate about health and wellness, as well as social innovation. She is a versatile and devoted athlete (tennis, cycling, Pilates, strength training, whew!) and an avid fan of the Arts. We are delighted to have someone who can offer so much to the people, healthcare professionals and communities we serve.
To reach Alison directly, call 847-510-5750 or e-mail Alison.marcus@brightstarcare.com


Our Caregivers- The "Best of the Best" Our caregivers are carefully screened to ensure that they are experienced and meet our rigorous hiring standards. Every new hire is credentialed through online testing, an in-depth face-to-face interview, reference checks, a drug test, and a background check. Every employee is bonded and insured. Our entire staff is committed to each of the residents, businesses and communities we serve. We invite you to experience the passion and professionalism we invest in all of the services we provide.

Questions about our care team?

If you have questions call our Northern Cook County offices at (847) 510-5750 and we'll be happy to answer them. FOR A FREE IN-HOME ASSESSMENT OF YOUR IN-HOME CARE NEEDS Contact us online