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12 Positively Great Reasons to Age in Place

January 31st, 2019

What are some of the best reasons seniors and even physicians recommend getting home care services like Brightstar’s versus an assisted living facility? This article counts the many ways!

1.There’s no place like home for safety and comfort.
Dorothy said it best: “There’s no place like home -- and I’d like to add that I am so grateful for the help we’ve received for Auntie Em through BrightStar Care North Suburban home services.” (Okay, maybe that’s an unknown quote from Dorothy.” )

2. In-home care helps keep families together.
As your mother probably said, “there’s nothing more important than family.” This is true all the time and especially true when there’s an illness. Having relatives nearby to pitch in, even working alongside professional caregivers like ours at BrightStar, can be a very helpful and add to affordability of professional assistance.
3. Elderly care helps seniors maintain their independence.
This is not just important to Seniors; a sense of freedom is vital to everyone.
4. Home care prevents or puts off institutional life.
Living in a long-term care facility is unfamiliar and can often be intimidating and difficult. Imagine living next door or sharing a room with someone who has unusual living habits or personality quirks.

5. Home care helps promote healing.
Medical evidence shows that people recover more quickly at home.

6. In-home care is healthier and safer.
There is no secret that people pick up infections and other complications when they live amid a chronically ill population (such as in a hospital or long-term care facility).

7. Home care means personalized care.
 Care becomes a one-to-one proposition in the home, especially with our customized and personalized BrightStar Care North Suburban services and attention. So many of our caregivers and clients develop an amazing bond: learn, love, and take care of each other.
8. Home care reduces the stress that often accompanies illness.
Loving and compassionate care helps manage difficult healthcare challenges.

9. Home care is delivered by a special group of people.
We’ve found that, to a large extent, our BrightStar caregivers have selected their profession for emotional satisfaction and being able to make a difference in someone’s life. BrightStar North Suburban caregivers don’t just consider serving as a career; they consider it a calling.

10. Home care extends life.
Studies by nursing schools and government agencies have found that home care extends life. Visits by home care personnel often provide spiritual as well as medical support.
11. Home care is less expensive than other forms of care.
The cost of home care is almost always more affordable than nursing home or assisted living care, but naturally it depends on whether the care is a few or several hours a day versus around the clock assistance.
12. Technology will make home care even more desirable in the future.
Medical and technological advances will soon make it possible to diagnose, monitor and treat illness at a distance. The trick will be tto maintain a hand’s-on, heart-involved regime of homed  care
Find out more about the vast range of home care services we provide at BrightStar Care North Suburban Please call us today at (847) 510-7510 or contact us so we can assist you with your home care needs.
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Being told you’re doing a great job and being recognized for it is so important to every person and organization. Our caregivers work especially hard to make each day as happy as possible for the people they serve, who often become family. If you have had a BrightStar Care North Suburban 5-star experience from one of our caregivers or our staff, please share it with us and everybody. All it takes is a few seconds to add a Google or Facebook review? Just click here. The entire BrightStar North Suburban caregiving team will be honored.  

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