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The BrightStar Experience--Every Visit--in Glencoe and Beyond

October 19th, 2015

nurse & patient playing game







The next move isn't hers--thanks to our wonderful in-home caregivers!

Our BrightStar Care®, people
give to others and get so much in return. They're our greatest
asset, delivering the highest level of quality care day in and day out , at each and every visit. Their exceptional standards much meet our own. Each BrightStar team member must have the required experience and clinical competencies, but it's equally important that they truly embody our core values.

  • BrightStar Care Standard
    On every BrightStar visit we will:

    • Be open & positive
    • Compassionate and kind
    • Serve with Passion – Make a real difference
    • Do the Right Thing – Be honest and trustworthy
    • Do What We Say – Be accountable
    • Make It Great – Exceed expectations
  • Industry Standard
    • Caregiver standards might not be high level or consistent
    • You might experience caregivers who are late or no-shows
    • Service may not provide ongoing training or competency verification
    • Might not supervise with a Registered Nurse


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