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December 8th, 2016

 El amor no tiene edad...:

Check in on Your Folks with a Hug and this Important BrightStar Care North-Suburban Checklist

Home for the holidays -- it's a wonderful time of year --for most people--and, if you haven't been home for a while, it's an ideal time to check-in on mom and dad, or any other loved one for signs that may indicate more care is needed.

Not everyone's cup is filled with good cheer during the holidays. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) indicates that 15 of every 100 adults over the age of 65 are affected by depression. You'll want to check on that and some other things we've listed on the BrightStar North-Suburban Care checklist below.

And please don't forget that BrightStar Care North-Suburban and Evanston can lend all kinds of home-care assistance during the holidays and all year. We're around 24/7/365 to provide every level of senior
care under the BrightStar sun from a game of chess, to skilled in-home care, to medical help from an RNRN. Really Nice Registered Nurse.

Check out the Following Signs When Visiting

?Memory. Is your loved one remembering things easily and accurately? Does he or she struggle with many names, events, dates, faces?

?Physical Well-Being. Observe changes in eating or sleeping habits. Has mom or dad lost weight recently? Has their appetite for food (or life) lessened? All kinds of things can effect a shift in physical state: a recent fall, accidents around the home, change or mix up in medications.

? Changes in Appearance. Is dad shaving regularly? Has mom stopped using makeup or doing her hair? Are your folks dressing, showering and taking some care with their appearance?

Emotional Stress. Not everyone is a bell-ringing bundle of joy at this time of year. It's a hectic time for everyone, but one or more of your parents may be depressed beyond mere stress so you'll want to pay attention to see if a parent seems unusually disinterested in family activities, participates minimally in conversation, seems sullen and withdrawn, or appears dazed or confused. These may be clues more devoted care is required.

? "Ut Oh" Home Signs. Be watchful of tons of clutter and an unusually messy home, especially if it's always been PDN (Pretty Darn Neat). Are there stacks of dishes in the sink, or piles of laundry? Is the refrigerator full of containers you don't even want to open? These are all signs that something is wrong -- that an adult may be depressed, disinterested or even be suffering from Alzheimer's or another neurological disorder. (We can offer sophisticated help with Alzheimer's.)

They've Got Mail (Unopened).
Few of us open jun k mail, but unopened personal mail from relatives may indicate a cause for concern. Also look for dunning letters and those terrible threatening envelopes from creditors, banks, or insurance companies. It's so important that bills get paid; insurances can be cancelled, credit card rates can go through the roof. Maybe important chores like these are something a home-care helper from BrightStar North-Suburban can handle.
? Minimized Motor(ing) Skills. There are two things to be discussed here: 1) motor skills as in struggling with physical tasks that are generally simple to execute, and 2) motor skills as in safely driving a vehicle. Are there lots of dings and dents on the car? Do they drive too slow or miss seeing signs or drive through a stop sign occasionally? Especially because there are serious safety concerns to consider, these are tough issues to deal with as the adult child of a parent. If you want advice regarding "The Car Key Conversation" steer here to a great article from the N.Y. Times.

Prescription for a Healthier New Year and Don't Forget Medicare. Finally, health matters are critically important. You want to make sure medications for mom and dad are up to date and that they are taking all their meds correctly. Also, FYI, Medicare open enrollment ends on December 31st, 2016. They made need new coverage so perhaps you can ask and go over this with them.

Please note, if you need home care help in these or any number of areas, from skilled nursing and skilled home care to companion care and beyond , we're here in the neighborhood for you -- whether that neighborhood is Evanston, Skokie, Wilmette, Lincolnwood, Rogers Park, Northbrook, Winnetka and surrounding North Shore Communities.

Give us a jingle at (847) 510-5710. Find out all about us and our proven quality of care at BrightStar Care North-Suburban

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Bright and Happy Holidays

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