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Keeping Our Seniors Safe During Heat Wave

During the hot summer months, staying hydrated is more important than ever for our seniors, especially with the heat waves we have been having here in NJ.  As we age, our bodies become less efficient at regulating temperature, so heat illnesses are of a special concern for our senior population..  Knowing the warning signs helps us to keep our loved ones and clients safe.

Early warning signs of heat exhaustion (excessive sweating, tiredness, weakness, dizziness and muscle cramps) may progress to nausea, vomiting and fainting as exhaustion progresses.  Heat Stroke is much more serious and can set in quickly.  The symptoms are extremely high body temp, absence of sweating, confusion, seizure and coma.  If the symptoms of heat stroke are present, dial 9-1-1 immediately!

How to Help if you notice the bginning syptoms of heat exhaustion:
*have the person lie down in a cool place (AC or Fan, if possible)
*offer cool fluids 
*cool bath
*call 9-1-1 if symptoms persist and/or worsen

During heat waves, seniors should be drinking water and juices regularly.  Have them drink fluids at every meal, as well as sip fluids throughout the day.  Avoid outdoor activities during these times and plan fun indoor things to do.

Let's all work to keep our seniors safe and cool during these dog days of summer!

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