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7 Reasons Why Your Elderly Loved One Wants to Live at Home

granny-1280445_1920It’s a plain and simple fact. People don’t like change. As we grow older, changes will inevitably become a part of life. Not only do we refuse to accept change in our own lives, but embracing the changes we witness in our parents or other aging loved ones is very different. As we observe the ability to take care of themselves dwindle, the thought of having them move out of their home into yours, or into an assisted-living facility, can be terrifying for you but especially horrific for them. Home care Orlando can provide a solution.

Rest assured that your aging loved one has many good reasons to want to stay in their home, and you can anticipate quite a fuss, along with some abject defiance, when the topic of relocation is broached. Despite your feelings that it would be in their best interest, they will gladly introduce you to a litany of reasons as to why they shouldn’t leave. So, what’s so hard about leaving their home? Most of our elderly experience the following feelings:


  • I feel safe and secure in my home. I know where everything is, and I am comfortable here.


      • There is a sense of calm and comfort in familiar surroundings. This can actually promote health and well-being.


  • If I move I will lose all of my neighbors and friends, perhaps be forced to give up a beloved pet.


      • Being in close proximity to neighbors, friends, stores, their doctor, church, etc., is important to maintaining a positive attitude which affects healing.


  • I am perfectly capable of being in control of my own life.


      • Loss of self-worth can be a proponent of depression. It weighs heavily on people who have been proud, go-getters their entire lives. They don’t believe they can give up control to others.


  • My house, my rules. I don’t want to have to conform to what anyone else wants me to do.


      • Being moved into an assisted-living facility, or in with a loved one, shifts the responsibility of running things to another person. It can have a very negative impact on someone’s behavior and accelerate personality changes.


  • I am the adult here. You can’t change the way I am or how I do things.


      • Your aging loved one will no doubt feel that allowing children or other younger family members to dictate how things are done means relinquishing ownership of their life. They have always been in charge and role-reversal can be a bitter pill to swallow.


  • My finances are where they need to be. My mortgage is paid off and taxes are low. I like having this space, and I don’t want to live crammed into a space and use up all my savings for no reason.


      • Moving to an assisted living facility, or downsizing to a smaller space, will cause expenses that your loved one is not willing to incur. Remember, they were raised in a generation that was typically frugal.


  • Can’t you just respect that my home is where I belong?


    • Change is different and can be harmful to the health and well-being of your aging loved one.

Before deciding to move them out of their home, there are options you should explore. Home care Orlando with BrightStar Care provides family resources, checklists, education, and peace of mind that you are making sound choices to help your aging loved one. Call us now to learn more at 407-877-0720.

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