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Effective Exercises for the Elderly

February 2nd, 2016

water-933172_1920Have you noticed that as your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles have aged, they don’t get exercise like they used to? Has a surgery or illness stopped them from being active or from performing daily activities that were once completed with ease? Long-term illness, recuperation from surgeries, depression, stress, and loss of mental acuity can result in the reduction of exercise or a total lack of desire to do so. Orlando occupational therapy can be very useful in helping your elderly loved one reduce stress and improve their overall quality of life. Movement is essential to maintain health at all ages.

We caution you to never permit your elderly loved one to begin any exercise routine or engage in occupational therapy without a doctor’s approval. Exercising incorrectly, or over-doing it, can do more harm than good. The phrase “No pain, no gain” is not applicable when assisting the elderly in establishing a healthy exercise or therapy routine. The goal should be to increase mobility, assist in improving daily living tasks (aka “occupations”) such as dressing, buttoning, holding utensils, or whatever meets the specific needs of the individual.
Wheelchair or housebound folks should not be excluded from incorporating a healthy routine and exercise into their schedule unless medically contraindicated.

Generally speaking (it’s different for everyone), stretching is a great way to relieve muscular aches and pains and in doing so help keep muscles toned. There are many forms of yoga, including “chair yoga”, which are successfully implemented into an exercise routine for elderly patients. As stiffness abates, the ease in participating in exercise increases and the benefits will be remarkable.

Low impact exercises performed in the pool when appropriate, and under supervision, can also be very beneficial in helping to maintain muscle strength and mass. This is especially true for patients who have undergone hip or knee replacement when prescribed by their doctor. Exercises for improving balance can also be integrated into a daily exercise program in the water and out.
Once your loved one has received approval from his/her doctor to begin an exercise regimen, let us help. We can provide highly trained and experienced Orlando occupational therapists for your family’s needs. Contact BrightStar Care today at 407-877-0720.

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