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Home care in Wesley Chapel, FL

  • 3848 Flatiron Loop
  • Unit 102
  • Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

Wesley Chapel, FL Home Care Employee Benefits

We know why you became a care professional. You wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. And you wanted a career that offered more — more choice, more flexibility, more opportunity, more potential, more success, more satisfaction. At BrightStar Care, you can have all of that and more. The BrightStar Care compensation package delivers real value to everyone who works with us because it is designed to meet your individual needs and circumstances. Employment with BrightStar includes competitive hourly rates, incentive pay opportunities, highly flexible schedules, Brightest Star of the Month awards, and additional value-added benefits that allow our employees to enjoy a high quality of life and personal success.

This includes our exclusive "Perks Package" providing discounts on a multitude of goods and services including:

-School tuition
-Auto insurance
-Child care
-Cell phone providers (Sprint and T-Mobile)
-Tickets to concerts, events, and theme parks (including Disney and SeaWorld)
-Electronics (including Apple, HP, and Dell)
-Home alarm systems
...and even includes grocery and pet supply coupons.

Our success is dependent upon the daily efforts of our employees, at each of their staffing assignments. By recognizing their success in meeting our high standards of service, we attract the skilled and motivated employees who are the foundation of our success.

Our standards are high. Our goals are challenging. We are seeking those people who are willing to work with us to achieve them, and in turn share in the rewards of exceeding our clients’ expectations. Are you ready to provide a Higher Standard of care?