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March 2016 Employee of the Month

April 26th, 2016

Shining "Star" of the Month

March 2016: Lisa Marshall, CNA

Lisa Marshall is a CCG that has worked for the Scottsdale BrightStar office and now the phxEOMTempe/NW Phoenix BrightStar office.
She provides care and assistance primarily at Christown Independent Living Community.
On March 8th Lisa was performing lunch delivery duties and decided to start her rounds on the second floor instead of her normal route of third floor and working her way down to the first floor.
As she was exiting a clients’ room on the second floor she was beckoned by an elderly lady across the hall begging for someone to please come check on her husband as he was not responding to her.
Lisa immediately went to render assistance and determined the man was in a life threatening emergency.
She immediately called 911 and began CPR. Lisa continued her heroic efforts until professional help arrived.
After the paramedics arrived she remained and comforted the man’s wife until other family and friends arrived. She has stated numerous times that she just had a feeling that day so she changed up her routine.
Many are so glad she did. Lisa performed heroically and without hesitation on that unexpected day which is the reason she is being honored as this month’s Shining Star.
Thank You, Lisa! BrightStar Management Staff