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Phoenix NW Seniors Care about a Healthy Heart

February 24th, 2017

Phoenix NW Seniors focus on Caring for Your Heart

Heart and Health Care for the Phoenix NW Senior

Just because you are getting older, this doesn’t automatically mean that you are going to get heart disease. If you maintain a consistent healthy diet and lifestyle, you as a Phoenix NW senior can slow down or avoid all-together heart problems that are common among seniors. The key is to start good habits as soon as possible. The sooner you begin a healthy lifestyle, the easier it is to continue it.

For Phoenix NW seniors, it is important to maintain healthy weight, in order to keep control over heart health. As you age, your body naturally loses muscle as metabolism slows down. To fight this, keep physically active such as weight lifting and resistance exercises. Need accountability? Ask your in home care giver to join you in your exercise routine, and to help you get a healthy diet regimen going. Keeping an eye on your weight is key. Eating in moderation, and eating nutrient filled meals is
another sure fire way to help keep your heart in healthy condition. Talk to your health care provider if you need coming up with a diet plan. Some examples of foods to incorporate into your daily diet would be: fruits and vegetables, select whole grains, flax seed, walnuts, as well as green and black tea. A glass of red wine and dark chocolate in moderation are two treats that Phoenix NW seniors can indulge in.

Not only is weekly cardio (such as swimming, biking, walking, or jogging) good for heart health, but also exercising a healthy emotional lifestyle. Mind and emotional health are key to heart health. Rid your life of ongoing frustrations, stress, fear, and depression. Replace these negative mindsets and emotions with uplifting emotions such as thankfulness, laughter, and relationships. Research has shown, surrounding yourself with uplifting and joyful people, not isolating yourself from an active and engaging lifestyle, will help you to maintain a more healthy heart.

Lastly, get in the habit of a healthy sleeping pattern. Have trouble finding one? Try cutting back on how much caffeine you consume. Set a time that you stop drinking it, such as 2 PM. If you are accustomed to taking naps, limit yourself to only resting for 20 minutes. Do your best to make a pattern of going to bed at the same time each night, and waking up at the same every morning. Another not so common tip for maintaining a healthy sleeping schedule, is to do your exercise routine earlier in the day. Exercising later in the evening has the potential of giving you energy rather than calming you down for the night.
Research shows that a healthy amount of sleep a person should be getting each night is between 7-8 hours.

Phoenix NW seniors, always remember this: Healthy minds, healthy sleep, healthy diets, help result in a healthy heart! Every little bit helps, so do what you can every day to increase your heart health!

BrightStar Home Care of Phoenix proudly provides Home Care and Support for Seniors, including 24 hour in home care, and support in independent and assisted living communities.
We provide all levels of home care from companion services to Skilled Nursing.
Medical Staffing, Home care, In-Home Skilled Nursing, In-Home Physical Therapy for pediatric, adult and geriatric patients, Companion and Personal Care for Elders with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. We also provide Home Child Care, Sitter and Nanny services for Children and Support for New Mothers.
We Support Veterans as a partner of the VA/Veterans administration provider network and area a Home Care Provider for U.S. Department of Labor, Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation, and a DOL DEEOIC provider.
We Accept most Long Term Care Insurance benefits, provide Hospice care, Live-in care, CNA, Caregiver, RN, LPN, RN Supervision, Compassionate Care, and Compatibility Guarantees.
We are an ALS Society partner and Alzheimer Association member, providing care for developmentally disabled and individuals of all ages with mental health and behavioral health diagnosis.
Other services inlcude safe discharge and transportation from the hospital or rehab facility, Post Op care both short and long term, Pre Operation and preparation help and assistance, client monitoring for out of town family members.
Our service area covers Phoenix, Tolleson, Laveen, Goodyear, Avondale, Gila River, Maricopa County,
and Maryvale in AZ. We are very proud of our Joint Commission Accreditation to provide you the highest quality of care.

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