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Escondido, CA Client Home Care Reviews


Posted on June 12th, 2015 

In January 2015 my mother and father (aged 87 and 90) were still nearby living independently when she fell and broke her arm. As the local son in charge of their medical care I realized they (and I) would need professional assistance moving forward. I checked local sources and interviewed 4 different companies. All seemed professional but BrightStar (locally owned by John and Sheryl Klearman) stood head and shoulders above the rest. BrightStar was the ONLY one that had a registered nurse on staff and the ONLY folks with which I felt completely comfortable. It is hard to pin down why; sometimes it’s just an intangible feeling, and boy was I right to go with my gut.

John, the owner, and Robin, the Director of Nursing, met with us in my parent’s home.  I told John I did not know what we needed and asked him to advise us. My mother needed care immediately; I also wanted some oversight for my dad who has early dementia. Then, prior to starting, my mom fell again and ended up in a skilled nursing facility for an extended stay. From the day she was discharged BrightStar was there 24/7 with the most caring, competent and professional team of folks you could hope for. Their team was always on time and on point, ALWAYS.

For 5 weeks BrightStar helped us through many unexpected difficulties without missing a beat. They provided excellent, non-intrusive care with the patience and humor a saint would envy.  They provided twenty-four hour care with a focus on safety, oversight and companionship as our mom improved.  When we decided to move the folks to Austin to be near their 4 great grandkids BrightStar rose to the challenge of a constantly changing care schedule that matched our budget and timeframe for the move, then arranged care with the BrightStar affiliate in Austin for a seamless transition. Billing was ALWAYS accurate and to the penny, with never an argument or quibble.

John, Sheryl, Robin and their handpicked team of folks did a great job for us. They never lost sight of my family’s needs, and handled the difficult situations with focus, energy, and empathy. I cannot give enough praise to BrightStar Care of Escondido and San Marcos.  Anyone considering home care or home health, short term or long term, for a family member won’t find any better than the folks at BrightStar!

– Richard A. Connors