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Social Workers Help Coordinate Post Hospital Care, Presented by BrightStar Care of Escondido / Rancho Bernardo / Poway

BrightStar Care of Escondido Assists Social Workers to Coordinate Patient Care, Including Medication Management, Wound Care, and Skilled Nursing

Social work / discharge planning is a hospital service that helps patients cope with their illness and its effects, move through the hospital system, and eventually return to their home with all the necessary supports to sustain their health. Hospital discharge planning services include an assessment of a patient’s needs, the formulation of a safe discharge plan, and the implementation of a continued care plan for a safe recovery.  Discharge planning ensures a patient’s post discharge needs are met. Post-hospitalization care is a part of the discharge plan, and social workers provide a very important role in helping develop a home care plan.

Discharge planning also enables patients to acquire resources to assist with functioning, including accessing medical equipment and assistive devices. Social workers help patients with access to resources, and they refer financial, social, and psychological support that is available for the patient and their family. They provide information, encouragement and assistance to benefit the patient’s recovery.

Discharge planners must recognize the individualized needs of each patient, and provide safeguards at home for their care. They can address a wide range of patient and family needs and concerns, and help educate families and patients about the medical and health care needs of the patient. Social workers usually have an extensive knowledge of community-based services and understand how to access services to help serve the patient after discharge.

BrightStar Care of Escondido assists social workers with coordinating patient care at home, including medication management, wound care, skilled nursing, and RN infusion services.

To learn more how BrightStar Care works with discharge planners and LCSW to support a patient's hospital discharge and help create a recovery care plan, please visit our website.

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