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Disaster Preparedness in the San Fernando Valley

Dangerous Storms, Heat Waves, Fires, and Earthquakes Prompt Warnings For San Fernando Valley Seniors

San Fernando Valley families are urged to practice their emergency and evacuation plans prior to an emergency. Senior Care professionals also suggest that a senior should have up to five family members and friends to check on them.

Since fires and earthquakes are unpredictable, experts suggest “attention should be given to making sure that adequate medications and a supply of nonperishable food along with sufficient drinking water is available.”  If you are older and live alone, keep emergency numbers readily accessible in case of an emergency, and know of nearby emergency shelters that communities have put in place.

Although summer is officially over, it has ended on a dangerously hot note.  Weather Service officials issued a heat advisory for the Los Angeles region just last week, warning of "a dangerous situation in which heat illnesses are possible."  Experts warn the heat and dry months during the fall also mean wildfire danger is ahead. 

"Last year’s most damaging fires ― the Camp fire in Northern California and Woolsey fire in Southern California ― didn’t start until November, and while Californians are grateful for the upcoming rains and cloudy, cooler skies this week, Michael Mohler, deputy director at Cal Fire, said they might not be a cure-all for the typically dry summer heat." reports the Huffington Post.  “Looking at the next couple weather patterns, we’re still super susceptible,” said Mohler. “Dry fields are still in critical condition, and offshore winds near southern California could mean a wildfire in SoCal.  Wildfire seasons on the West Coast are lasting longer than ever and are also burning through more and more land every year."  Read more here:  https://www.huffpost.com/entry/california-wildfire-season-climate-change_n_5d7fecade4b00d69059d206c

BrightStar Care Home Caregivers play an important role in keeping our clients safe in an emergency.  Please visit our resources and tool on Emergency preparedness: Tips for keeping your loved one safe: https://www.brightstarcare.com/resources/health-wellness/disaster-preparedness-for-seniors?fbclid=IwAR373ighLU4SV0bkdVFh4NOUwuAKNYHURtwhjhhOyU3I8qYvRIq7a9jugJ8

BrightStar Care of S. San Fernando Valley follows the National Patient Safety Goals of The Joint Commission and provides 24/7 services and emergency care in this kind of crisis. Our nurses can help you make a plan as part of your overall care plan. To learn more about how your loved one might benefit from our expert in-home care team please call:

BrightStar Care of S. San Fernando Valley provides a full continuum of in Alzheimer’s home care services, including companionship, personal care, dementia care, transportation, medication assistance, skilled nursing, and more, to improve our clients’ health and quality of life.

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