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Nursing, Caregiver & CNA Job Applicant FAQs

How do I apply for a job at a local BrightStar Care office?
First, you can access a list of our independently-owned BrightStar Care franchises' open in-home care jobs here. This listing will provide you with available jobs by state, brief job descriptions and minimum position requirements. If you wish to apply, you'll need to complete an electronic application. The electronic application form can be accessed at the bottom of each employment opportunity listing by clicking on the application box. Completed applications and resumes are submitted directly from the website.

What if I don't have a resume?
No need to worry. When you apply online, you'll provide all the information we need. Search and apply for a home care career today.

How many different positions can I apply for?
As long as you're qualified, you may apply for as many different positions as you wish. Keep in mind, each position that you apply for will require a separate resume or application.

After I submit an application or resume, when should I expect a response?
Normally, you'll receive a call from one of our recruiters acknowledging that your resume or application has been received. The local BrightStar Care office to which you have applied will then contact you directly if they are interested in your resume or application.

If I get hired, how much will I work?
We believe in offering our in-home care nurses, caregivers and CNAs the flexibility they deserve. That's why as part of our home care team, you'll be able to create your own schedule.

What other opportunities will I have?
We offer a number of opportunities for you to connect, learn and grow. You'll be able to attend our monthly or quarterly staff meeting, represent BrightStar Care at campus events, work on individual projects such as creating instructional materials, participate in our Mentoring Program and even further your home care career with free ongoing training.

What type of employee recognition programs do you have?
Each and every year, we recognize the BrightStar Care caregivers and nurses that go above and beyond to truly deliver a higher standard for our clients and their loved ones. Learn more about our Caregiver of the Year and Nurse of the Year programs.

Who do I call for more information?
You can contact BrightStar Support at 866-618-7827