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Employee of the Month

Our employees are our most important asset.
Each month we recognize a top-performing employee based on client feedback, support of our office, and going above-and-beyond.
Recent employee of the month include:

June 2017 - Lauren Hales

Lauren was selected because she has been helping out with new clients, picking up last minute shifts, always has paperwork in on time, and follows the documentation policy.
She has also received compliments from all her clients. Thank you Lauren for being a STAR employee!!

May 2017 - Casey Ellingson

Congratulations to Casey for being our Employee of the Month!
Casey has picked up 3 last minutes shifts this month, one at the Roy Grifols, one with a new client, and one when an employee was a no show.
Thank you Casey for being a STAR employee!!

April 2017 - Gaby Rivas

Congratulations to Gaby for being our April Employee of the Month!! Gaby is loved by her clients!
She has researched and implemented activities to do with her clients with dementia, she is willing to take on clients with difficult schedules, and take last minute shifts.
Thank you Gaby for being a STAR employee!!

March 2017
- Maria Ramirez 

Congratulations to Maria for being our March Employee of the Month!! Maria is an awesome caregiver LOVED by her clients, she is on time and has awesome care notes. Thank you, Maria, for being a fantastic employee!

February 2017 - Leia Montes

Leia received a very nice compliment from a client, she has taken last minute shifts and took on extra hours while a client's daughter was on vacation.
Thank you Leia for being a fantastic employee!

January 2017 - Patti Cagley

Patti has been taking care of two clients in the ER.
She has been very mindful of their needs and reports all changes to the office.
Congratulations Patti!

October 2016 - Shirley Smithshirley

Shirley has been with BrightStar Care for nearly two years.
We love that she turns paperwork in on time and has it done correctly.
Shirley is a wonderful CNA and is dearly loved by all of our clients.
We are grateful to have her.

September 2016 - Margie Sagendorfunnamed (4)

Margie has gone above and beyond when a client had a difficult problem in their home.
Margie has also taken last minute shifts and, as always, offers the best superb care to her client.

August caregiver of the month

August 2016 - Kim Summa

Kim has been a STAR employee in the short time she has been working with us. She has taken last minute shifts, been very flexible, and has taken on a broad range of client types. Thank you Kim, we are proud to have you part of the BrightStar Care team.

July 2016 - Dialma SanayoaPicture1

Dialma has been on staff with BrightStar Care for over a year now and has been a stellar employee the entire time. Dialma is well loved by clients, families, and the office staff for her compassionate and competent caregiving.

And she is an excellent communicator and is flexible which is very helpful in staffing last minute shifts and filling out schedules. Communication is the name of the game and Dialma gets high marks in the communication arena. Thanks Dialma for all your hard work and congratulations as the July Employee of the Month.

June 2016 - Blanc Rheaume BlancRheaume

Blanc gets amazing compliments from nearly every client like, “It was a pleasure to have Blanc here, I wanted to say thank you for sending your best.
She was awesome.”
She has been instrumental in getting our infusion program up and running.
We have enjoyed our interactions with her bright personality and willing attitude.
Thank you Blanc for being an important part of BrightStar Care.

May 2016 - Lindsy Jolley Jolley

Lindsay is flexible with her schedule, has been willing to fill in last minute and gives great service to all of her clients.
Thank you Lindsy!

EOM.pualApril 2016 - Polu Guites

Polu is recongnized for taking multiple double shifts to cover a 24/7 client and for remaining flexible.

March 2016 - Kaitlin Reminder

Kaitlin for always getting great feedback from her clients, always having her notes turned in on time and done correctly.
She calls in immediately if there is a change in client condition and she referred a great new CNA to us!

February 2016 - Valerie Lemmonvalerie

Valerie is a wonderful Caregiver who was selected for her willingness to be flexible with her schedule and accept last minute shifts.
The office loves that she is on time with her paperwork and Valerie receives great feedback from our

January 2016 - Mike Fitzgerland mike

Mike is an RN and was selected for his excellent communication with the office, for taking extra shifts and filling in as needed, for his compassion and kindness to our clients, and for his consistent reporting of observations about client status.
Thank you Mike for your commitment to great client care a for being a true team player.


December 2015 - Linda RawleyRawly

Linda is an RN and is a wonderful asset to our client care. She is thorough, punctual, kind, caring, and a team player.
Linda is known for hard work, self motivation, and conscientiousness.
She has over 20 years in the medical field providing confident & excellent patient care, with the ability to identify & tract key safety issues related to patient care.
We appreciate your hard work and efforts with BrightStar Care.
Thank you for your example. Congratulations Linda.


November 2015 – Curt Shirling

Role at BrightStar Care:

Curt is a new CNA with BrightStar Care.
He comes to us with great talent and care.

He relocated from Montana, and is looking to move forward in the medical industry.
He has built great relationships with some of our skilled nursing facilities, and is a very hard worker.
We have received wonderful compliments from his clients, and feedback from the nursing staff within the facilities in which he has worked.

He has been a good example of responsibility, accountability, and great service.
He exhibits our Core Values each and every day – thank you Curt!

April 2015 – Shirley SmithShirley, CNA April Caregiver of the Month

Role at BrightStar Care:

Main reason you enjoy working with BrightStar Care:
I am getting paid to do service.
It is very rewarding because you can see the difference you are making in people's lives.

Interests outside of work:
I like to write, jog, go on hikes and have family outings.

Advice for other caregivers:
Take care of your clients like they are your family.


March 2015 – John Collins

John, CNA March Caregiver of the Month

Role at BrightStar Care:

Main reason your enjoy working with BrightStar Care:
Flexible hours and dependable work.

Interests outside of work:
Go to plays and music concerts.

Advice for other caregivers: Do what you would want to be done for yourself, besides the basics.

November 2014 - Neha Garg

Neha Garg - November 2014 Caregiver of the Month

Neha Garg - November 2014 Caregiver of the Month

Nehi was chosen because of her willingness to pick up shifts as needed and her dedication to her clients.
She has had numerous client compliments
and is happy to help.
Congratulations to Neha!

Role at BrightStar Care:

Main reason you enjoy working for BrightStar Care:
I like the quality time with the clients because this helps build rapport and relationships with them.
I can give my undivided attention to just one client.
I like that I get to work in different environments in the client's home.
And the office environment is friendly.

Interests outside of work:
Reading, hiking, foodie

Advice for other caregivers:
Be enthusiastic with any activity that the client wants to do.

More about Neha:
I like to drive up to the mountains and like to listen to music.

December 2014 - Diane Bollschweiler

Diane Bollschweiler - December 2014 Caregiver of the Month

Diane Bollschweiler - December 2014 Caregiver of the Month

Role at BrightStar Care:

Main reason you enjoy working with BrightStar Care:
The clients, they are my guardian angels and help me get out of myself.

Interests outside of work:
Crocheting -making granny towels and walking my dogs.

Advice for other caregivers:
Elderly are people too, treat them with care.
Don't be afraid to talk to them.

More about Diane:
I love animals and have two dogs.
I have been with my husband for 14 years.
I love to sing and dance in the privacy of my own home.
I like to help others.
There's always a good time for ice cream.

January 2015 - Debra Tyler

Debra Taylor - January 2015 Caregiver of the Month

Debra Taylor - January 2015 Caregiver of the Month

Debra Tyler was chosen as Caregiver of the Month for January because of her willingness to jump right in and help care for two clients.
She immediately learned their routine and how she could help them become more comfortable in their home.

Role at BrightStar Care:

Interests outside of work:
I like to crochet, go to the movies and babysit my grandkids

Advice for other caregivers:
Always use your safety precautions.
Treat your clients the way you would want to be treated.

More about Debra: I am a master esthetician as well as an LPN.

February 2015 - Karen Lundgren

Karen Lundgren - February 2015 Caregiver of the Month

Karen Lundgren - February 2015 Caregiver of the Month

Karen Lundgren was chosen as our February 2015 Caregiver of the Month because of her dedication to our clients and her willingness to pitch in with last minute shifts. She is also one of the original employees from when we first opened.

Role at BrightStar Care: LPN

Main reason you enjoy working with BrightStar Care: I get to use my nursing skills.

Interests outside of work: I am a history buff, like to do genealogy, love to read, and love playing with my grandkids. I like to explore new surroundings and I like to know the history of any place I live.

Advice for other caregivers: Always treat others as you would want to be treated.